A Webinar on Adhesive Equipment Trends in the Disposable Hygiene Industry by TASA

    The Adhesives and Sealants Association (TASA) is conducting a webinar on Adhesive Equipment Trends in the Disposable Hygiene Industry in association with Nordson India Pvt. Ltd. on 22 March 2021 from 5.30-7 PM (IST).

    Set to be delivered by Mr. Alan Ramspeck of Nordson Corporation, U.S.A., the webinar will focus on two topics of interest to the disposable hygiene industry: Variation Management, and Melter Fill Automation.

    The consequences of process variation in adhesive dispensing systems will be presented. Though variation is inherent to all processes, it can be minimized to reduce costs, as well as increase product quality and production efficiency. Nordson’s pioneering use of the Measure – Understand – Improve methodology, reveals opportunities to deploy technology to greatly improve the performance of production systems.

    Melter fill automation has been a topic of keen industry interest in recent years. It provides a means of ensuring a controlled volume of adhesive in melt systems at all times. This allows for better temperature and flow control, prevents contamination of the adhesive and a safer environment. Nordson has leveraged its fill competencies to deliver a high-performance system that, when utilized with free-flowing adhesive, can deliver the needed flexibility and operational reliability.

    What: A webinar on Adhesive Equipment Trends in the Disposable Hygiene Industry

    When: 22 March 2021

    Time: 5.30-7.30 PM (IST)

    How to register: Send an email to

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