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    60 W PoE Switches to Power Heavy-duty IP Cameras in Harsh Environments

    Moxa has launched the EDS-P506E-4PoE series of PoE switches that can provide up to 60 W per PoE port for converged data and power transmission. The power output was designed for IP cameras that use power-demanding functions such as PTZ, illumination, heaters, and fans in harsh environments. Our EDS-P506E-4PoE switches feature device-level cybersecurity, remote control, and the capability to monitor powered devices to meet the operational requirements for industrial applications such as highways, wayside, and public utilities.

    60 W PoE

    The EDS-P506E-4PoE has 4 Fast Ethernet PoE+ ports that can supply up to 60 W per port with a total power budget of 180 W. The smart PD detection feature and plug-and-play integration allow it to supply power to any PoE PD effortlessly. As the industrial world continues to become smarter and more connected, cities and industry sectors are installing video surveillance systems to enhance safety and security. “As our EDS-P506E-4PoE switches can provide up to 60 W per PoE port, almost any type of PTZ cameras using multiple functions can be powered reliably” said Jackey Hsueh, a product manager of Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Division.

    Web-Based Smart PD Management

    Jackey said, “One of the most appealing features of the EDS-P506E-4PoE is the built-in Smart PoE software that facilitates web accessible PD diagnostics and management.” The Smart PoE provides automatic PD detection of power class, status, and errors for smart diagnostics, and enables failure check, which can automatically reboot cameras if they freeze or experience lag. These features increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce the effort required by maintenance staff.

    Robust Switches that Support Device-level Security

    To ensure maximum uptime for data and power transfer in harsh conditions, the EDS-P506E-4PoE supports millisecond-level failover redundancy, dual power inputs, and -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range to ensure constant and robust connections. The switches incorporate security features that are based on the IEC 62443 standard to protect the network from unauthorized device access. Jackey concluded, “Our compact PoE switches have a rugged design, embedded cybersecurity protection, and level-4 EMI immunity to withstand cyber threats and harsh environments”.

    EDS-P506E-4PoE Highlights

    • 2-port Gigabit and 4-port Fast Ethernet with PoE+/60 W functionality
    • Up to 60 W output per PoE port
    • Supports 12/24/48 VDC wide input voltage
    • Web-based Smart PoE tool for easy operation and monitoring of PoE powered devices
    • Cybersecurity features based on the IEC 62443 standard
    • 4 kV LAN surge protection and -40 to 75°C operating temperature tolerance
    • Supports MXstudio industrial network management suite for large-scale deployments and management
    • Compliance with the IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 standards
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