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    5G Technology to enter India with major security challenges : Keysight Technologies

    5G is going to be a scalable disruptive technology, which was beyond the imagination. 5G has already shaped up a new space into the industry, as it will not remain bounded only for the telecom aspect, but will create the big wireless revolution.

    However, the 5G technology will be entering India with major India-specific security challenges as if there is a security failure even at a single data point, it is going to become pervasive in the network.

    Commenting on the 5G scope in India, Sudhir Tangri, Country General Manager and VP of American tech solution provider, Keysight Technologies said, “The challenges related to testing of 5G are very critical at a development and deployment stage since the test methodology completely changes when technologies such as mmWave come into play.”

    He said that for 5G there’s already a lot of user demand in India and telecom operators already have a business case. “’s just that how quickly we ready ourselves, not just from an operator standpoint but also from a regulatory standpoint.”

    According to a survey, India does not stand among top ten in terms of readiness for next-generation mobile networks like 5G.

    Keysight is already in leading discussions with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who are present in India and are planning to work in the 5G space.

    “From an Indian context, the operators come in the large part of the food chain and they are looking to adapt 5G as and when the spectrum sale and deployment happens,” Tangri told.

    The company claims to have the largest share with telecom operators at a worldwide level and is also providing solutions to global chipset manufacturers that have R&D presence in India.

    5G is all about increasing capacity and because of this there is going to be an explosion in the vertical industry in which we adopt 5G. The vertical industries will enable wide array of new services which will foster new business cases and new usage models.

    For now, Indian telecom operators are just readying themselves for the 5G technology but the real deployment in the 5G space should start sometime next year, he added. “..unlike 2G,3G where India was way behind the global players, for 5G India is almost in sync in terms of deployments.”

    In India, the much-anticipated 5G field trials have hit the policy roadblock with the department of telecom (DoT) wireless planning and coordination wing (WPC) averse to allocating airwaves beyond 90 days, which according to industry, would not serve any purpose.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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