It’s Time for The Spotlight on Indian Electronics, Fourth Edition

New Delhi Print Media has announced the 4th edition of its yearbook ‘The Spotlight on Indian Electronics’, which is due to be launched in May 2019.

As the electronics industry in India continues to rapidly grow and evolve, the 2019-20 edition of ‘The Spotlight on Indian Electronics’, delivers useful information to professionals about the state of the industry in India. The report provides a detailed study and SWOT analysis of the ecosystem for the high priority product markets, as well as identifying the future drivers of growth amongst various segments in the industry.

We think it’s great to see a media house providing such a useful piece of content, which allows professionals from across the globe to understand the complete picture of the Indian electronics sector.

About ELE Times

ELE Times Magazine is India’s leading electronics publication in the Electronics & Technology sector. With over 40,000 print copies & 68000 + e-zine reader, the print has picked up more popularity in India & worldwide due to popular contents & targeted industry professionals. Apart from that, it is also redefining the modern electronics media company by empowering the smartest voices with the technology to create premium content, connecting with its web verticals with an annual audience of 4.5 M+, next generation, practicing engineers & professionals.


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