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    500VDC SMD Fuse Optimized for Electric Vehicle Applications Offers Short-Circuit Protection Up to 1500A

    Littelfuse, Inc., introduced a series of surface-mount fuses with interrupting current ratings up to 1500A that are optimized for use in high voltage automotive applications up to 350VAC or 450/500VDC. NANO2 885 Series Fuse is designed to protect electric vehicles against severe fault/short-circuit currents, ensuring reliability in harsh environments. With a low profile and a footprint of just 10.86mm x 4.78mm, the 885 Series Fuse is the smallest surface-mount fuse on the market for 450/500VDC automotive applications, making it ideal for applications where circuit board space is limited and legacy through-hole fuses are unsuitable. The 885 Series Fuse is available in current ratings from 1A to 5A.

    Typical automotive applications for 885 Series Fuse include:

    • Li-ion battery packs used in electric vehicles
    • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
    • Sense lines
    • On-board chargers
    • High voltage DC/DC converter

    “The 885 Series Fuse addresses the space limitations common in automotive applications,” said Daniel Wang, Director, Global Product Management, Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Its solderless platform minimizes the risk of nuisance openings due to the mechanical bonding failures typically associated with traditional fuse soldering, ensuring consistent overload performance.”

    The 855 Series Fuse offers the following key benefits:

    • High DC voltage ratings up to 500VDC and interrupting current ratings up to 1500A provide reliable protection against severe fault/short-circuit currents for electric vehicles.
    • The solderless platform used in the 855 Series Fuse’s robust design minimizes the risk of nuisance openings due to mechanical bonding failure and provides better performance for consistent functionality.
    • Compliance with the automotive qualifications developed by Littelfuse based on the AEC-Q200 test plan ensures reliability in harsh automotive environments.
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