World’s Smallest Low Profile Crystal Unit Size, 1.2×1.0x0.30mm

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the world’s smallest low-profile crystal unit (1.2×1.0x0.30mm) with high precision performance. MP of this product starts from June 2017.

Supplementary notes

Demands for applications using wireless communications like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have increased, requiring small size and low profile. To meet such demands, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced the world’s smallest, high precision crystal unit (XRCED series: 1.2×1.0x0.33mm) in January 2017, and now has introduced a new line, low-profile XRCTD series (1.2×1.0x0.30mm) in June 2017.

Based on Murata’s excellent package technology and high-grade quartz crystal elements, achieving small size and high accuracy crystal unit.


1. The series is available in the applications to be necessary for high accuracy frequency.
2. The crystal unit is the extremely small size (1210), and contribute to a reduction in mounting area.
3. The series complies with RoHS directive, being lead-free (phase 3).

Our crystal line-up will be expanded to meet further demands in future.

For more information, visit Murata’s website at

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