Wolfspeed Gold-level co-sponsor at WAMICON 2017

    Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, a global leader in wide bandgap semiconductor technology and the premier provider of the industry’s most field-tested SiC power and GaN-on-SiC RF solutions, is a Gold-level co-sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON), which will take place April 24–25 in Cocoa Beach, FL.

    “As a premier annual event for the converging RF, microwave, and wireless industries, WAMICON draws leading RF professionals from industry and academia to present innovative research and exhibit advanced new technology in the RF, microwave, and wireless field, making it an ideal environment for introducing the latest extension to our GaN MMIC power amplifier lineup,” said Jim Milligan, RF and microwave director, Wolfspeed. “We’re looking forward to promoting our new products as GaN-on-SiC continues to establish itself as the technology of choice in the RF and the wireless market for its proven greater power density, higher thermal conductivity, and wider bandwidth compared to Si and GaAs technologies. We’re also proud to be a Gold-level co-sponsor for the 18th annual WAMICON conference.”

    Exhibiting at Booth #20, Wolfspeed will introduce a MMIC power amplifier for communications applications. Rated at 30W for operation spanning 5.8–8.4GHz, the CMPA5585030F GaN HEMT power amplifier provides high breakdown voltage, high-temperature operation, and exceptionally wide bandwidth capabilities in point-to-point radio, satellite communication uplink, and other communications applications. Wolfspeed also will be showcasing its recently released CMPA1D1C060D three-stage GaN-on-SiC MMIC power amplifier for lower Ku-band satellite communication applications.

    As part of their ongoing sponsorship of the conference, Wolfspeed will participate in the 2017 WAMICON awards banquet and will present the awards for Best Research Paper, Best Student Paper, and Best Conference Paper. The banquet will be held at 5:00 pm on Monday, April 24th.

    For more information about Wolfspeed’s RF services and components, please visit, or, if you’re planning to attend WAMICON 2017, visit Wolfspeed at Booth #20. For all other inquiries about Wolfspeed RF components, please contact Ryan Baker, RF product marketing manager, Wolfspeed, at or 919-407-7816.

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