Wipro merges Commercial Lighting and Seating Solutions

    Wipro Lighting, a leading provider of lighting and Smart & Connected Lighting & beyond Lighting solutions (on the platform of Internet of Lighting (IoL) ) in India, announced the creation of a new business unit combining Commercial Lighting and Seating solutions. The new unit will be led by Mr Anuj Dhir – Vice President, and Business Head for Commercial & Institutional Business, with the core focus being Lighting, Smart & Connected, and Seating Solutions.

    Commenting on the new business entity, Anuj Dhir, Vice President, and Business Head for Commercial & Institutional Business said, By combining Commercial Lighting and Seating Solution businesses, we aim to offer wider solutions to our customers in B2B space and deliver more value. It will give us opportunities to make more investments in the existing markets, while opening up newer segments and markets. We will also look at adding more products and solutions for our customers.”

    The new organization has been created to enable greater synergies and accelerate growth by leveraging Wipro’s common dealership network, as well as servicing customers.

    Wipro Consumer Care started the Lighting business in 1992. Over the years, the business has grown both in B2B and B2C segments to make Wipro a leading player in the category. Today Wipro has partnered with leading players in the smart lighting space and holds significant market leadership in the green lighting segment.

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