Will Flash of Light Replace Radio Waves?

Till now in Research papers, Photonic Hypercrystal which can control the interaction between Light and Matter, has turned into reality. Its predecessors named Metamaterial and Photonic crystal suffers with Bandwidth limitation and poor emission of light. Photonic Hypercrystal solve these drawbacks by combing large broadband photonic density of states and light scattering efficiency provided by hyperbolic metamaterials and photonic crystal respectively. Researches at City College of New York have created Photonic Hypercrystal, which will bring a big change in Light based technologies like Li-Fi, solar cell.

Photonic Hypercrystal significantly improve efficiency as incident light get trapped inside the material for longer time due to which it gets more interaction with the matter. Hypercrystal also enhances the strength of interaction with material like the quantum dots.

Though it comes with numerous possibilities but device architecture which can incorporate the Hypercrystal is key challenges for the engineers in order to use it in the LED like applications.

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