Wieland Electric Offers Cable Shield Terminals

WC1047 fasis WST terminal block PR ML20160706-1 (1)

Wieland Electric, a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has developed a series of cable shield terminals designed to provide simple, reliable, cable grounding connections. Designed to accommodate cable diameters from 8mm to 32mm, the fasis WST terminals provide vibration-proof grounding of shielded cables.

Constructed from hardened steel with high corrosion resistance, these durable terminals are available in configurations for mounting on busbars, TS35 DIN rail, C-profile rails, or direct screw-mounting on flat surfaces. The fasis WST Series shielding terminals are ideal for industrial machinery and power equipment that requires grounded cable shields.

“The fasis WST Series shielding terminals deliver low-impedance, large area grounding connections for shielded cables, facilitating immunity from interference in industrial and process networks, for fault-free factory operations,” said Martin Lalonde, application engineer at Wieland Electric. “Their practical design makes the WST ideal for retrofit and new applications. The ease of operation ensures that consistent and reliable ground connections are made during initial factory installations, field maintenance and service work.”

For more information about Wieland Electric’s fasis WST Series shielding terminals, please

visit http://www.wielandinc.com/sites/usa/files/field_files/wst.pdf. For samples, custom design requests, and all other inquiries about Wieland Electric, please visit www.wielandinc.com or call 1-800-WIELAND (1-800-943-5263).

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