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    Webinar Alert: Pervasive Engineering Simulation by ANSYS 18

    Today’s industries are undergoing the most fundamental transformation in manufacturing since the introduction of the assembly line more than a century ago. Trends like the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical world and the digital world, resulting in products that defy imagination. As products become smarter, companies are also changing the way they manufacture and operate products. These changes require pervasive engineering simulation, in which simulation performs a central role in all aspects of the product lifecycle — from concept, through engineering design and into operations.

    Engineers can save time and money by performing simulations earlier in the design cycle, using digital exploration to explore a larger design space faster before making design decisions and locking in costs. Similarly, simulation is moving downstream into operations, where real-time simulation using digital twins is providing insight into a product’s real-world performance and maintenance. ANSYS 18 is our next step in delivering pervasive engineering simulation. Placing simulation into the hands of more engineers throughout the product lifecycle.

    Join us for our upcoming webinars to know more about ANSYS 18.

    Webinar Theme: ANSYS 18 Innovations – Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI

    Date: March 07, 2017

    Time:  11:30 Hrs, IST

    Duration: 60 min

    ANSYS 18.0 delivers new key functionalities for high-speed digital design. The powerful new 3-D assembly capability in ANSYS HFSS links ECAD and MCAD with transient circuit simulation and IC models, so you can solve the ‘Connector on Board’ problem within a single design flow using a single mesh. ANSYS SIwave features fast extraction technology, new high-performance computing (HPC) functionality for capacity and speed, and support for PSPICE Voltage Regulator Modules. SIwave also includes enhancements in IBIS-AMI, eye analysis, and state-space fitting within the circuit solver.

    Attend this webinar to learn how ANSYS 18.0 has enhanced the Chip-Package-System workflow to address design challenges in power integrity, signal integrity, ESD, thermal and structural challenges. Discover how ANSYS solutions provide a unique virtual prototyping flow to simulate the electrical, thermal, and mechanical behaviors of high-speed electronics, allowing you to meet your system power and performance targets while reducing cost.

    Register here

    Webinar Theme: ANSYS 18 Innovations – ANSYS AIM

    Date:  March 14, 2017,

    Time: 11:30 Hrs, IST

    Duration: 60 min

    With ANSYS AIM, organizations can accelerate product design through upfront simulation, eliminate late-stage design changes and reduce the number of costly physical prototypes. AIM makes upfront simulation easy by combining intuitive, guided workflows, accurate simulation results and customization in a complete simulation tool covering a broad range of physics.

    Join us for this webinar as we explore some of the major ANSYS 18.0 release highlights through live demonstrations. Topics will include:

    • Extended collaboration between designers and analysts
    • Simultaneous post-processing of multiple simulation results
    • Simulation of one-way fluid-structure interaction with structural shell elements
    • The use of expressions for capturing real-world conditions

    Register here

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