A dynamic partnership powered for a VR roller coaster

    Passengers taking the seat in this simulator get an undeniable adrenaline rush as the roller coaster tears up and down through steep curves at breakneck speed. The passengers are shaken in their seats back and forth and laughter and stifled screams bear witness to speed euphoria. What sounds like a fun visit to the amusement park is actually a new application called Finger Coaster, which combines virtual reality with the dynamics of servomotors. With its rollercoaster seats and VR glasses, it almost feels like the real thing for passengers of this rocking rollercoaster simulator. Kollmorgen, partnered with Smaaash, the international motion and simulation game factory in Mumbai, India, provides the necessary drive to harmonize technology and the digital world.

    Realistic roller coaster feeling with servo drive : 

    The Kollmorgen Servo Motors offer high energy efficiency, high performance and durability. In addition, the motors in terms of revs and torque can be precisely graded and specified to the particular application – all of these are factors of great importance for the Smaaash applications, which is why the company has been relying on the performance of Kollmorgen motors for around three years now.

    In the past, Kollmorgen and Smaaash had already jointly implemented other similar projects and have now successfully launched the Finger Coaster application. The Mumbai-based company specializes in the development of high-tech virtual reality games and VR entertainment. From sightseeing flights dangling in a glider, to balancing acts at dizzying heights and to the real excitement and emotions of a penalty shootout against a supersonic goalkeeper, Smaaash offers everything that makes the heart of the VR fan beat faster. For their latest VR Sensation, a virtual roller coaster, the company has once more collaborated with Kollmorgen and decided to use the AKM Servo Motors and AKD Servo Drives.

     Working together for the virtual reality of tomorrow : 

    Vinod Sharma, Country Manager at Kollmorgen India, is excited about the renewed productive cooperation with Smaaash. He explains: “The partnership with Smaaash is especially important to us. It will strengthen our global footprint and enable us to work on interesting technical challenges over and over again. This extends our engineering competence as well.”

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