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    Vicor to present modular power conversion solutions for 48V Zonal Architectures at WCX 2024

    High-density, 800V and 48V scalable power modules solve electrification power conversion challenges

    As the automotive industry moves toward 48V zonal architectures, power system design engineers are looking for new high-voltage power conversion solutions that have leading power density, weight and scalability attributes.

    Vicor will be presenting five papers at World Congress Experience 2024 (WCX) in Detroit on April 16 – 18, detailing its innovative approach to 800V and 48V power conversion using new high-density, scalable power modules with proprietary topologies and innovative packaging.

    The Vicor papers are:

    • Achieving EM conducted emission compliance for high-voltage conversion with switching frequency above 1.3MHz
      Presented by: Nicola Rosano, Sr. Strategic System Engineer, EMEA
    • Designing 48V zonal architecture that keeps the high voltage inside the BEV battery pack
      Presented by: YK Choi, Sr. Field Application Engineer, Vicor, APAC

    Kang YoungJae, Chief Engineer, INFAC

    • Eliminating the high-voltage precharge with existing hardware in BEV

    Presented by:   Patrick Kowalyk Automotive, Principal Field Application Engineer, North America

    • Migrating to 48V with high efficiency, power density and efficient system cost
      Presented by: Patrick Wadden, Global VP, Automotive Business Unit
    • The uncertain future of aftermarket loads in a 48V world
      Presented by:   David McChesney, Strategic Account Manager, North America
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