UK distributor of HAKKO Equipment acquired by HK Wentworth

    HK Wentworth Group has announced the acquisition of Dancap Electronics, UK Distributor of HAKKO equipment. HK Wentworth already holds authorized distributor status for HAKKO in Australia and New Zealand, which has experienced tremendous growth. The company has established a relationship with HAKKO across the last 30 years, and its experience of the high quality soldering equipment business will support HK Wentworth’s continued growth in the UK.

    From its international headquarters in Leicestershire, HK Wentworth has distinguished itself as a responsible, manufacturing leader, both overseas and at home in the UK. The company’s core strength has been built upon the combination of the technical skills of its people and their ability to work closely with customers.

    The company also provides genuine security of scale and a reliable supply chain, owing to a strong network of subsidiaries and key distribution partners. With a long-standing heritage and customer-focused ethos, HK Wentworth’s high performance standards align well with the Japanese HAKKO brand.

    Ron Jakeman, HK Wentworth’s Managing Director, comments, “Dancap Electronics provides an exciting opportunity for HK Wentworth. The additional capabilities strengthen and extend the services we offer and enhance our complete solutions approach. With a broad range of customers across the electronics industry, the acquisition of Dancap Electronics together with our trusted relationship with HAKKO Corporation, will support shared plans to meet increasing demand and accelerate entry to new markets. With the stability and backing of the world’s leading soldering equipment company, HK Wentworth is delighted to take on board the highly reputable and sought after HAKKO brand in the UK.”

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