Transformational X-Band Transmit is soon, to be unveiled

Cyient, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, networks, and operations management services to global industry leaders, will be showcasing their market leading Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow. This technology enhances both Cyient’s RF design capabilities and their design-led-manufacturing.

The Cyient TRM was developed using non-export controlled components and can be seamlessly applied to multiple radar systems including, ground surveillance, border surveillance, air defense, and airborne fighter radar. The technology can also be easily adapted to multiple configurations such as tile architecture and quad-TRM.

Cyient’s VP for Avionics, Kaushal Jadia, states, “The Cyient Transmit and Receive Module offers a significant value proposition for the global radar market. Cost is often a limiting factor when adopting new sophisticated radar platforms. The Cyient TRM offers a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) design that eases production processes, increases performance, and lowers costs by more than 30%.”

The New Business Accelerator :

The Cyient NBA program is an in-house investment vehicle created as part of the company’s goal to provide end-to-end solutions to their clients. The NBA’s objective is to identify the most critical industry challenges and develop innovative solutions that help clients compete and succeed in their respective markets. The NBA initiative also fosters a business model that promotes global engineering collaboration and accelerates growth across the A&D industry.