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    Top new technology trends in 2020 which would boost the Economy

    The Digital Industry is undergoing various advancements and changes which would essentially unveil a lot of innovations and new products with maximum applications and user efficiency. With these expansions, the economy is expected to achieve massive expansion and rise in the technological sector. With rise in economic situations, the inter-relations between technology and economy would mutually grow in the coming years.

    Below is a curated subset of the top trends that would shape the economy on a larger scale:

    Voice search and user interface application:

    Voice applications will continue to be an important topic in 2020. Companies that haven’t had any experience with voice applications yet or have never created should start now. The artificial intelligences behind the voice systems has grown at an exponential speed and will continue to do so. This would effectively contribute to a new dynamic user and technology related interface for better functioning.

    Augmented Reality- A different dimension in the future:

    Augmented reality will become a major change in areas such as education, market and even R & D for everyday experience. It allows immersive content to be integrated seamlessly into everyday browsing. The extended reality also gives stationary retailers a whole range of possibilities to improve the customer experience. Whether navigation or further content information about a product, an outfit or a store itself – the retail trade will not be able to avoid the curation of real and digital content if it wants to continue to exist in the coming years. In addition, the game will be a test for Edge Computing for mobile network operators during organized events in real life.

    Multi-Connected business:

    The trading business has been shifting in the direction of marketplace dominance for years. Whether in order to be able to exist as a trader, there is often no way around participating in the marketplace. In addition to high data quality, this also requires an increasingly stronger ability to import this data into marketplaces and deliver sales. Due to the expected further growth of “Voice-as-UI”, Sensor technology will be added to the already high demands on the responsiveness of content. When online shops and media providers perceive a loss of traffic because the produced content simply cannot be reproduced on voice assistants or other audio devices, there is no suitable call 2 action or the user is simply overwhelmed with the information offered. THE

    Connected Retail Marketing:

    The combination of the online and offline worlds in retail will also increase in 2019. About two years after the takeover of Whole Foods by Amazon, digital technologies are increasingly being tested in the Amazon universe. In addition, other (stationary) retailers are expanding their digital expertise, driven by technologies such as AR. Pure players are pushing into the market and using flagship stores both for a special customer experience (Amazon, bonprix, Mister Spex) and recently for end-customer sale. In addition, the digital technologies will be connected to the digital channels at the offline POS.

    API for future:

    Companies will increasingly be available on a larger number of digital touch points in the future which will only be possible with a strategy based on interfaces. In 2020, the topic of API’s will be even more relevant in business contexts and will become a digital homework for many companies. Headless systems fill the gap and will drive the paradigm of (modular) API-based systems forward in future.

    New Mobility:

    The global automobile manufacturers seem to have woken up, boosting their e-mobility production with gigantic amounts of money, investing massively in loading concepts and digital strategies and are allying themselves in the fight against each other.

    “Mobility as a Service” is less about the vehicle and its features than about availability, access and smartness. The right use case at the right time wins customers and gains profit. Now customers have the opportunities in this sector and save even more money. Based on own big data analyses, algorithms and targeted benchmark analysis, the world of mobility drives to a new future.

    Internet of things (IOT):

    The Internet of Things is and remains the trend topic, especially for industrial applications. The need for networking, communication and smart use of data is particularly high here, as the investment costs are high. In the B2B market, there is a noticeable trend in the smart home segment, with networked products such as security systems for the home and apartment as well as various lighting systems taking centre stage. The increasing market penetration is enabled by the investments made. This area will consolidate the multitude of solutions used to establish industry standards and best practices.

    New Networks and possibilities:

    The new network will be driven by the technologies Edge Computing and Massive Machine Type Communication. The fast data transmission promised by 5G will only play a minor role. The less publicly discussed technical features of the network will be much more important: very low latency, extremely high reliability with low energy consumption at low transmission rates, and the ability to address many more devices than today per radio cell. 5G becomes a driver of applications from the AR/XR, IoT and autonomous driving sectors in city centres.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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