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    Top Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the world transform and evolved in more ways than we can count. AI has always been feared by people, but now at the cusp of technological advancements, we have understood the many gifts it has brought us. AI Technologies will see the light in the dark and help in the toughest times.

    It has been around for decades, still, some spaces need major developments whereas some areas have proved useful beyond our wildest dreams. These are the top game-changers in AI Technologies, which we have piled for you that have taken 2021 to the next level:

    It is a statistical measurement of a person’s unique physical and behavioural features. It has proved to be one of the AI’s advanced futuristic technology that is being used for security and identification purposes. There are many biometrics technologies like touch and face recognition, DNA matching, Retina and Iris recognition, voice recognition and more. They used for making Aadhaar Cards, Passports, PAN cards and more.

    Self-Driving Cars
    The future will be filled with Autonomous cars capable of driving by taking the fastest and safest route to work, home, etc. The future is here with fully self-driving cars that would help reduce collisions and burden on drivers with the help of AI. Tesla has introduced an Autopilot car with an Advanced Driver-Assistance System. 

    Cyber Defence
    Every day we are stepping towards the Digital world. With an increase in digital users, crimes also accelerate giving birth to Cybercrimes. For fighting cybercriminals, AI’s technological advancements are needed and therefore, Cyber Defence emerges to the rescue of Data Theft. It is capable of intercepting, recognising and moderating threats and attacks to the data and infrastructure of the systems.

    Smart Devices
    We are surrounded by smart devices that connect us digitally and globally with everything. Smart devices like wearables, hearables, smart homes and more are all around us. With the help of AI, they have become a part of our lives and used widely and commonly – Smart speakers, Smartwatches, Smart security cameras and more.

    Content Creation
    Today, content is the king, and the more informative your content is the more views and responses, you will get. Whether it is creating videos, blogs, images, news stories, ads, all these test humans creativity. But soon this will be taken over by AI, which is bound to outperform human abilities. Already, brands like USA Today, Hearst and CBS are using AI Intellects to perform work at their offices. 

    There so many AI Technologies that we haven’t mentioned here like AI Optimized Hardware, Computer Vision, Text Analysis and NLP, Decision Management and Peer – Peer Network. Soon, the world will see a boost in AI, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, AR/VR and Robotics. Just wait to see the future advance and at your fingertips.

    Pallavi Gupta
    Pallavi Gupta
    A simple person who took the road taken by everyone else but still wound up on the ROAD NOT TAKEN. Stay connected for technology and electronics news.

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