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    Technological Advancements that will Shape the Future and Today

    We are surrounded by technology and electronic gadgets getting evolved every day. They are adapting to the Technological Advancements of the many needs of humans with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality.

    We are shifting towards the Digital Era where everything is connected and plugged in. A world where science and Technological Advancements are buddies that benefit and work for each other.

    We all want a Robot buddy, go on space missions and drive hyperloop cars. But in order to get that Steven Spielberg world we got to work with what we got, enhancing the technology we can while encouraging Research and Development. Through Technological Advancements, we can achieve the future now and wait for it to arrive.

    We understand that fantasy cannot be far from reality and hence, it has no boundaries. So, we have piled up the future gadgets of amazement that are bound to take your breath away while blowing your mind at the same time, here are the Technological Advancements:

    • Flying Taxis and Hyperloop Cars
      Future will have the gifts of Automation with Flying taxis and Hyperloop cars. But at the same time, people will still prefer walking and the use of bicycles. Public transport is anticipated to become more convenient and dependable.
    • Mobiles, Smart and Dumb
      Future mobiles will have Sci-fi movies features like Hologram. Every day new smartphones are being developed which are surpassing and making our current phones ancient. The future phones will have a better connectivity level with amazing gaming consoles along with the ability to adjust and expand as per the consumer’s wish.
    • Planet Internet
      We are 4G people going forward to 5G, all this is a slow process but in the future, all this will be easy with Planet Internet – One Internet for all. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos intends to put 3,236 satellites in low-Earth orbits to beam the internet around the planet with project Kuiper.
    • A Billion Drones
      Drones are the coolest, fastest and secure way of surveillance. The future will use drones for security, safety, and warfare purposes.
    • Hospital at Home
      The COVID 19 Lockdown went with us being in our homes, accessing our immediate problems online through portals, service apps and more. The future will have portable versions of large scanning machines that will provide sophisticated diagnostics at home.
    • Printing Cities and Coral Reefs
      Pick your favourite Sci-Fi Animated Movie and then you have it. The beautiful colourful coral reefs in the cities. The future holds the secret to these – 3D printing. All this is possible due to the Advancements in technology called Additive manufacturing.
    • AI and Robot Companions
      AI has come a long way with Advancements in the fields of computer vision and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). It has helped businesses shape strategies and configure problems with solutions side by side. The future will have AI and Robot as the best friends disposable at your command.
    • Education: Creative Learning
      The future will have a means to creative education with the assistance of AI and Robots. The future will have Education access to all with no child being left behind. Creative people with problem-solving skill will be the first to get jobs in this sector.
    • Missions to Mars
      Mars has been the center of attention for years since humans are done with the Moon. In the future, the red planet will be the subject of human experiments and discoveries.
    • Wonders of Shopping
      With the help of AI, humans will be able to get real-time feedback and help while shopping online. The future will have all the wonders of shopping just a tap away.

      I hope that the list fulfils your dream of seeing the cool gadgets, the future holds for you. We are sorry that there won’t be Time Machine in the future, so all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Pallavi Gupta
    Pallavi Gupta
    A simple person who took the road taken by everyone else but still wound up on the ROAD NOT TAKEN. Stay connected for technology and electronics news.

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