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    Top 3 products for maximizing efficiency and reliability in automated test equipment

    Courtesy: Panasonic

    Panasonic offers Solid-State Relays, Chip Resistors, and Thermal Interface Materials that help maximize efficiency and reliability in Automated Test Equipment applications. This blog article highlights the features and benefits of each product, including high accuracy and reliability, low power consumption, and improved heat transfer. These products can help engineers achieve consistently accurate performance and improve the efficiency and reliability of ATE systems.

    Products For Maintaining High Switching And Thermal Performance In Ate Applications

    Panasonic’s Solid-State RelaysChip Resistors, and Thermal Interface Materials help maximize efficiency and reliability in Automated Test Equipment applications. These products meet high-speed and accuracy requirements, making ATE systems more efficient and reliable by being fast and compact, exhibiting low leakage, maintaining excellent temperature control, and making good thermal contact.

    ATE stands for Automated Test Equipment, which refers to a computer-controlled testing machine that is designed to perform automated testing on electronic devices and systems. ATE applications are used in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and many others. The primary purpose of ATE applications is to automate the testing of electronic devices and systems, which helps to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase accuracy. ATE systems typically consist of a series of test instruments, such as signal generators, oscilloscopes, and power supplies, that are connected to a computer-controlled system that executes the tests and records the results. Discover the Top 3 Panasonic products for maximizing your ATE efficiency and reliability.

    1. Discover High-Performance Chip Resistors For Consistent Accuracy

    Design engineers can find products optimized for high precision or high stability and reliability within our range of Chip Resistors. The Panasonic product selection includes Resistors with resistance tolerance ranging from ±0.05% to ±0.5%. These Resistors’ low resistance tolerance and low-temperature coefficient of resistance mean that engineers can achieve consistently accurate performance in functions such as current sensing required for ATE applications. For instance, our Thin-Film Chip Resistors offer high accuracy, high reliability at operating temperatures up to 155°C, and high stability – and feature endurance test tolerance lower than 0.1%. The ERA-A Series products offer total resistance that is 25% less than that of high-precision thick-film resistors and 50% less than the Panasonic ERA-V series.

    2. Photomos For Smaller Size And Higher Performance In Switching Mechanisms

    Panasonic’s PhotoMOS CC Series of sub-miniature solid-state relays are an ideal solution for test and measurement applications such as IC Test, Probe Card, and Board Tester applications. With options rated at 60 V, 40 V, and 100 V, these relays are equipped with an oscillation circuit and a built-in capacitor-coupled isolation driver IC, resulting in a switching mechanism that is different from traditional optically-coupled PhotoMOS products. This technology allows for a smaller package size, lower power consumption, and a higher ambient operating temperature tolerance by replacing the LED circuit. The PhotoMOS CC Series is a reliable and efficient choice for any test and measurement application.

    3. Boost Your Ate System’s Performance With High-Compressibility Graphitetim Soft-Pgs Graphite Sheet

    Panasonic’s GraphiteTIM Soft-PGS (Compressible Type) Graphite Sheet is a fantastic solution for heat plate applications within ATE solutions. Its unique soft and compressible nature allows it to fill in the air gaps and irregular surfaces, which reduces thermal resistance and improves heat transfer between the heat-generating components and the heat-sink or other dissipating components. The sheet’s unparalleled heat resistance and reliability make it an excellent choice for long-term use, contributing significantly to the overall performance of elements such as power modules. Moreover, its clean solution makes it perfect for test and measurement applications requiring high precision and reliable performance.

    ATE applications are crucial in automating the testing of electronic devices and systems in various industries. Panasonic offers a range of products that meet high-speed and accuracy requirements, making ATE systems more efficient and reliable. These products are fast, compact, exhibit low leakage, maintain excellent temperature control, and make good thermal contact. Panasonic’s precision and high-speed electronic components are suitable for industrial applications within ATE, IC Testers, and Test and Measurement solutions and help make these systems more efficient and reliable in a production environment.

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