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    Top 10 Electric Scooter Companies in India

    The increasing popularity of electric scooters can be attributed to their numerous advantages over conventional petrol or diesel-powered scooters. Not only are they more affordable, especially in the face of rising fuel prices, but they also entail lower maintenance costs and are environmentally friendly. However, electric scooters are still a relatively new vehicle category in India. For individuals who are contemplating a switch but are unsure about the best electric scooter for their needs, this blog aims to provide guidance. It presents a compilation of the top 10 electric scooter companies in India, showcasing a wide range of scooters with various specifications and features. By reading this blog, readers can gain valuable insights and make an informed decision regarding the most suitable electric scooter for their preferences.

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    1. Bajaj Auto 

    Bajaj Auto Limited is a widely recognized company celebrated for its exceptional proficiency in the design, production, and global distribution of two-wheeled vehicles. With its presence spanning over 75 countries, Bajaj Auto has firmly established itself as a prominent manufacturer on the global stage. The company offers an extensive portfolio of products, including motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers, carefully tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Bajaj Auto has also embraced the burgeoning electric vehicle market by introducing a range of electric scooters and motorcycles, effectively aligning itself with the evolving trends in the Indian market.

    1. OLA Electric

    Ola Electric Mobility, a subsidiary of Ola Cabs, has become renowned for its cutting-edge automated facility situated in Tamil Nadu, where it manufactures the highly acclaimed Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro electric scooters. These models distinguish themselves through their advanced features, including keyless ignition, ample storage capacity, an external charging port, a large intelligent LED display, and impressive performance capabilities.

    1. TVS Motors

    TVS Motors, a distinguished Indian multinational motor company, is widely acclaimed for its exceptional proficiency in manufacturing two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Their comprehensive lineup includes motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers, addressing the varying needs of customer segments, spanning from entry-level to premium. With a vast network exceeding 5,000 dealerships and service centres, TVS Motors guarantees extensive distribution and service coverage, both within the country and across international borders.

    1. Hero Electric

    Hero Electric, a renowned electric bike manufacturer in India, holds a prominent position in the industry. Boasting an expansive portfolio of products such as Optima, Flash, and Photon, Hero Electric provides a diverse range of e-bikes that cater to a wide array of customer preferences. Among their offerings, the Optima stands out as a favoured option, offering an impressive single-charge range of up to 50 km and a top speed of 25 km/h.

    1. Ather Energy

    Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd., an Indian startup, is dedicated to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions in a market largely dominated by petrol and diesel vehicles. Their flagship electric scooter not only offers exceptional performance but also enhances the overall riding experience. Ather Energy also places significant emphasis on the establishment of a reliable charging infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India.

    1. Revoltt Motors

    Revolt Motors, a startup headquartered in Gurugram, is creating a stir in the Indian electric bike market with its innovative offerings. Their flagship model, the RV400, has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional performance. With an impressive top speed of 85 km/h and a remarkable range of up to 150 km on a single charge, it has captured substantial attention and earned high acclaim.

    1. Ampere Electric Pvt. Ltd.

    Ampere Electric, an e-bike manufacturer based in Chennai, offers a varied selection of models including the Zeal, Reo, and Magnus. Among these, the Zeal stands as a popular choice, boasting an impressive single-charge range of up to 75 km and a top speed of 25 km/h.

    1. Pure EV

    Pure EV, an electric scooter startup, has quickly become a prominent player in the Indian market. Their eco-friendly and innovative product lineup has gained recognition for its excellent quality and performance. With a focus on reaching diverse customers, Pure EV is making a significant impact in the electric vehicle industry.

    1. Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd

    Since its inception in 2015, Okinawa has rapidly gained popularity among young riders in search of electric two-wheelers. With its headquarters in Gurugram, this brand has secured second position among India’s leading two-wheeler brands as of February 2022, owing to its dynamic design and impressive performance. Okinawa offers a diverse range of six models, namely the Okinawa R30, Ridge Plus, Praise, i-Praise, and OKHI-90, presenting tough competition to feature-rich alternatives like the Ola S1 Pro.

    1. Bounce Infinity E1

    The scooters manufactured by this company showcase a distinctive retro design, featuring a torch-shaped headlight and dashboard module that adds to their unique appeal. With prices ranging approximately from Rs. 45,099 to Rs. 70,499, these scooters provide affordable options for riders. Sporting a battery capacity of 1.9 kWh, they require around 4 to 5 hours to achieve a full charge, ensuring convenient usage. Each scooter offers a range of 85 kilometres and a top speed of 65 km/h, striking a perfect balance between efficiency and performance.


    The electric scooter market in India is witnessing unprecedented growth fueled by the demand for sustainable and cost-effective transportation options. The top 10 electric scooter companies mentioned above have played a pivotal role in shaping this transformation. With their focus on innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction, these companies are driving the electric mobility revolution in India. As the country embraces a greener future, electric scooters are poised to become the preferred choice for millions of commuters, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation landscape.

    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav is a distinguished Technology Journalist associated with and With expertise in researching, writing, and editing, he demonstrates a deep understanding of technology, particularly in the EV industry. His continuous updates on EV, Automotive, and E-mobility industries reflect his commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

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