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    Greener LED displays: How Hikvision innovations are reducing energy use and boosting sustainability

    Hikvision considers environmental impact carefully, and is putting sustainability at the heart of our business operations and product development strategies. One example is our latest generation of LED Displays, which uses cutting-edge technology to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%*, extend the product lifecycle, and help reduce carbon emissions.

    It is now a social responsibility for every organization to minimize its carbon footprint and other negative environmental impacts. At Hikvision, this responsibility is central to our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, and we are optimizing the way we operate and develop new technologies and products to help everyone – from customers to partners – work together to make the most of our resources and minimize our impact on the environment.

    Meanwhile, we continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint at different stages of product development and business operations – from materials and design choices to green manufacturing and low-carbon office park practices.

    One significant way that Hikvision cares for the environment is by optimizing the efficiency and sustainability of our products – from initial design, right through to manufacturing and delivery to installers and end customers. One example of this is our LED product range, which lowers energy consumption and overall carbon emissions by up to 50%*.

    Innovating to make LED displays greener

    Hikvision has implemented a number of important technology innovations that make our LED displays more environmentally friendly.

    Flip-Chip CoB technology to increase efficiency of displays

    Flip-Chip CoB (Chip on Board) removes the need to bond chip wires to the printed circuit board, allowing panels of LEDs to be adhered directly to the base. This approach removes bonding wire

    • from the display’s light path and supports chip-level spacing of LEDs in the screen, maximizing image luminosity and resolution. Even more importantly, though, removing wire bonds with Flip-Chip CoB increases the energy efficiency of Hikvision displays for greener operations. At the same time, the screen temperature is reduced by 5 to 10 degrees*, mitigating the risk of damage to LED beads and increasing the product lifespan.
    • Common cathode technology to reduce energy consumption
      This power-supply technology, which is used in our LED displays, enables a single system to supply the correct voltage to power red, green and blue LED light beads. Because red beads require lower voltage, this technology allows us to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%* compared to traditional power-supply systems. It also means that screens run cooler, maximizing their durability and, therefore, their sustainability.
    • PixMaster algorithm to precisely adjust brightness of LED screen
      PixMaster uses pixel-level analysis to recognize what kind of content is being displayed on a LED screen in real time, and to adjust the brightness, contrast and other key parameters accordingly. This improves the viewing experience, but – critically – it also reduces energy consumption and associated emissions.
    • Aluminium Cabinets to maximize heat dissipation
      Aluminium Cabinets encase and protect Hikvision displays, protecting them against all the elements and using silicon grease and heat sinks to maximize heat dissipation. This enables the cabinet to operate without air conditioning below 60°C*, which can greatly reduce energy use and emissions of the whole LED system.
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