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    Top 10 Electric Bicycles companies in India

    The India e-bike market is projected to achieve a 12.9% CAGR from 2022 to 2027. E-bikes, featuring integrated electric motors and rechargeable batteries, provide propulsion assistance. They offer adjustable thumb throttle or pedal assist, enhancing the riding experience in hilly areas, inclines, and rough terrain while reducing strain on joints. E-bikes serve as economical, flexible, versatile, portable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly transportation alternatives, requiring minimal road space and producing no emissions. Here is a compilation of the top 10 electric bicycle companies in India.

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    Best electric bicycles companies in India

    1. Hero Lectro E-Cycles

    Hero Lectro E-cycles, a subsidiary of Hero Cycles Limited, specializes in the production of bicycles and sporting goods. The company provides an exceptional selection of e-cycles, cargo e-bikes, and her-cycles, featuring various modes such as pedelec, throttle, cruise, and pedal modes. They continuously strive to enhance their offerings with innovative features, ensuring a seamless and convenient e-biking experience. Furthermore, Hero Lectro E-cycles is dedicated to introducing environmentally friendly, high-speed, battery-assisted models that aim to transform mobility and facilitate short-distance commutes across India.

    2. Elektron Cycles

    Elektron Cycles leverages cutting-edge design and technology to produce electric bicycles renowned for their exceptional performance. Their range of electric bicycles boasts advanced features, including IoT integration for improved mileage per charge, comfort, and convenience. With superior components and materials, global positioning systems (GPS), and a plethora of world-class features, Elektron Cycles prioritizes the development of eco-friendly products that not only reduce carbon footprint but also promote societal well-being.

    3. Giant Bicycles India

    Giant Bicycles India specializes in the production and promotion of premium bicycles and cycling gear. Through their incorporation of compact road technology, they have reimagined the visual appeal and capabilities of modern road racing bicycles. Additionally, their integration of Maestro suspension has significantly enhanced the performance of off-road bikes, setting new standards in the industry. Their focus lies in introducing lightweight and robust aluminium frames that offer enhanced control, comfort, traction, and speed. Additionally, the organization excels in manufacturing bicycle gear for men, women, and children.

    4. GoZero Mobility

    GoZero Mobility is an electric bicycle manufacturer and retailer that specializes in eco-friendly transportation solutions. Their electric bicycles are equipped with removable lithium battery packs, ensuring a sustainable range for travel. The company offers a diverse range of electric bikes suitable for various purposes, including travel, leisure, commuting, and sports. With a wide-ranging product portfolio, they cater to various needs, offering eBikes, fitness mobility vehicles, accessories, and gear. Customers can conveniently access these products through both online and offline platforms, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. GoZero established its presence in India in 2019, setting up local operations headquartered in Kolkata.

    5. eAdicct Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    eAdicct Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a tech startup pioneering sustainable technologies in personal mobility. Their achievements include 35+ patents in electric and hybrid vehicle tech and alternate energy. They focus on IoT systems, powertrains for two and three-wheelers, AI in automobiles, hybrid conversion kits, advanced batteries, Pedelec platforms, e-bikes, and DIY conversion kits.

    6. PURE EV

    The PURE, which stands for power using renewable energy, is dedicated to facilitating the shift towards sustainable energy. Through its brands “PURE EV” and “PURE Lithium,” the company produces electric scooters, motorcycles, and high-performance lithium-ion batteries. They have established a specialized manufacturing unit and an R&D facility in Hyderabad for EV powertrain development and testing.

    7. SS Electric Vehicles

    SS Electric Vehicles is a leading company specializing in the design and production of premium electric vehicles. Their goal is to offer a cleaner and more sustainable solution to address the growing concerns of air and noise pollution. Their diverse range of products includes e-loaders, e-cargo vehicles, electric tricycles/trikes, e-rickshaws, electric bicycles, electric bicycle conversion kits, and EV spare parts. The company emphasizes both battery-powered (Electric-Drive) and manual pedal-driven EVs in their lineup.

    8. Nibe E-motor Limited

    Nibe E-motor Limited is a specialized organization focused on manufacturing advanced and environmentally friendly electric vehicles, particularly in the two-wheeler segment. With a diversified branch handling design, development, manufacturing, and trading of E-vehicles, the company offers top-quality eco-friendly E-bikes and electricals. Their commitment lies in creating green mobility solutions for individuals leading active and sustainable lifestyles.

    9. Trek Bicycle Corporation

    As the leading producer of bicycles sold through speciality retailers, Trek Bicycle Corporation is a family-owned enterprise. With its recent expansion into India, the company aims to provide Indian cycling enthusiasts with an enhanced buying and ownership experience. Their product range includes helmets, shoes, road bikes, men’s bikes, lights, mountain bikes, women’s bikes, equipment, and jerseys. These items are manufactured and distributed under renowned brand names such as Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Diamant Bikers, and Bontrager.


    Founded in 2017, SK EBICYCLE LLP is a forward-thinking Limited Liability Partnership firm at the forefront of green technology. Specializing in electrical machinery manufacturing, their primary focus lies in designing urban electric bikes that embody elegance, ergonomics, and lightweight construction.


    The electric bicycle market in India is witnessing tremendous growth, driven by the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient transportation options. The top 10 electric bicycle companies mentioned in this blog are at the forefront of this revolution, offering innovative electric bicycles that cater to diverse consumer preferences. With their commitment to green technology and a focus on delivering high-performance products, these companies are shaping the future of two-wheeler mobility in India. Whether it’s for daily commuting, leisure, or sports, electric bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for eco-conscious individuals looking for a greener and healthier way to travel.

    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav is a distinguished Technology Journalist associated with and With expertise in researching, writing, and editing, he demonstrates a deep understanding of technology, particularly in the EV industry. His continuous updates on EV, Automotive, and E-mobility industries reflect his commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

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