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    Top 10 Big Data Companies in India

    The Top 10 Big Data Companies in India are reducing the time and stress of multinational companies and ensuring the fastest decision-making with zero risk. 

    Over the years, the term “Big Data” has numerous meanings. A collection of a large volume of data in a structured and unstructured manner is called Data collecting and collecting them in bulk is called Big Data

    From traditionally noting down data in notebooks to widely bifurcating data in just a few seconds via huge software, collecting data has now become easy with big Data Companies. These companies use 3V as “ High Volume”, “High Velocity” and “High Variety” to overcome the challenges of capturing, storing, data analysis, data transferring and data sharing.

    However, the data belonging to different organizations are used for many different purposes. 

    Here are the Top Big Data Companies in India that focus on big data trends and incorporate a greater emphasis on quality, utilisation of AI and ML technologies, enabled federated search and usage of application of RPA technologies.

    1. DataToBiz

    The Top Big Data and AI Technology Company incepted in 2014 and since then they haven’t looked back. They are developing AI-powered solutions and have the fastest record track of delivering projects for various industries. As the company has expertise in AI-powered software development, big data and data science projects, it also has different transformation services. 

    However, the company uses different techniques and modules for bifurcating different companies’ data. The Key clients of the company are GetMee, DiGiSPICE Technologies, Speero, McDonald’s, TransSight, AbsolutData, Knowledgeflex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., OmniCX Digital Limited and many more. 

    How does it work: 

    • Drafting a Plan

    The first and foremost is to understand the needs and requirements of any business. Thus, it is important to formulate a plan for improvement and automation.

    • Pipeline the Data

    After formulating, they prepare data and build event infrastructure for immediate data processing. 

    • Scope of Improvement

    Add best practices and automation processes into the existing infrastructure for better improvements. 

    • Analysing the Data and giving it a final look

    Create visualizing reports designed for specific clients’ needs. 

    2. Complere Infosystem Pvt Ltd

    Complere Infosystem is a data-driven product company that gives the right and accurate data to companies. It helps them to gain insights into the data via reporting, analytics, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. 

    Their self-service products simply the data with the following steps: 

    • Data Ingestion
    • Unifying
    • Structuring
    • Cleansing
    • Validating
    • Transforming 
    • Loading of the data into target platforms. 

    3. Experion Technologies

    One of the top companies of big data is the preferred partner for newly developed startups and companies since 2006. With a team of fully dedicated engineers and custom software developers, the company has a headquarter in Dallas Parkway Plano with an active 200 clients worldwide. 

    The company operates 90 per cent on the frontier of emerging technologies and markets. Now, collecting data is easy and hassle-free with the help of experts. 

    Experion Technologies works on: 

    • New AI algorithms and applications. 
    • Neural Networks. 
    • IoT Solutions. 
    • NLP (Natural Language Processing).
    • Huge Data Cluster Development. 
    • Data Governance and Quality.
    • Batch processing and GPU processing. 

    4. ThirdEye Data

    ThirdEye Data is one of the finest data management and AI company, incepted in 2010. They are the trusted partner for mid-size and larger companies offering big-data platforms and the best data solutions to their customers. With an international network of professionals and experts, the company offers an unmatched blend of creativity and innovation. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and are laser-focused on delivering business intelligence of big data. 

    Giving a 360-degree approach with services: 

    • Implementation of Big Data and evolution strategy along with roadmap design. 
    • Baseplan design.
    • Security and Quality of Data and its Management. 
    • Development of Algorithms. 
    • Collecting, testing and analytics of data. 
    • Cost optimization and infrastructure support. 
    • Worked as per hoc needs and customer needs. 

    Collects Big Data: 

    • IoT data
    • XaaS data
    • SaaS data
    • Clickstream data
    • Social app data
    • Customer and personalization data
    • E-commerce data
    • Operational data
    • Image and video data
    • Financial Transactions Data

    5. NeenOpal Inc.

    NeenOpal Inc. is a software development company that focuses on big data based in Bangalore, India with offices in New York and New Jersey. The company has a dedicated team of experts and professionals who has expertise in data engineering, data analysis and visualization (ML analytics, BI dashboarding), as well as data and pipeline migration.

    The company has the right knowledge and skills: 

    • Solving challenges around scalability. 
    • Efficiency.
    • Data System Reliability.
    • Security and Quality of Data. 
    • Big data tool selection.
    • Data Clustering.
    • TCO optimization. 

    Core Services: 

    • Big Data
    • Data Engineering
    • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Data and pipeline migration
    • Business Intelligence

    The company assist at every stage of collecting Big data, from consulting to solution design to implementation to helping larger and small enterprises solve their big data needs. They use gold-standard open-source tools and up-to-date cloud data services by GCP, AWS, Snowflake, etc.

    6. HashCash Consultants

    HashCash Consultants is a globally developed software company. It offers solutions in Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT through its platforms, products & services. Incepted in 2015, this US-based company offers simpler Big Data infrastructure management, delivers results quickly and is very cost-effective.

    Services offered: 

    • Designing and crafting the big data.
    • Data Assessment.
    • Proof of Concept.
    • Technology Identification.

    7. EMC

    DELL EMC is a software company that helps businesses to store, analyze and protect their data. Given a well-planned infrastructure to get the business outcome from big data, the company has worldwide offices. The company has over 50% growth with big data. 

    Different work platforms: 

    • Isilon
    • ECS
    • Boomi
    • PowerEdge for Hadoop

    8. XenonStack

    The technology consulting and services company gives the widest solutions to the business leveraging cloud-native, AI decision diver and Big data. They were founded in 2012 and has a headquarter in Dubai.

    Connect with reputed companies: 

    • Cloud Native Foundation
    • Linux Foundation
    • LF AI and Data
    • AWS Advanced Partner
    • Azure
    • Google Partners

    Key specifications: 

    • Application Modernization and Cloud Migration. 
    • Platform Engineering and Modernization Data Platform Stack. 
    • Scaling AI Applications and Models.
    • Cloud-Native Security Observability.
    • Data Analytics and Visualization.

    9. Simelabs

    Simelabs is the leading software company which has core specialisation in  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, VR/AR, Mobility solutions, and Web applications. The company has a team of dedicated professionals and experts who are helping businesses to unlock the potential of their data and gain insights that drive growth and innovation. 

    Transform IT infrastructure and deploy scalable data digital solutions in the big data company. 

    Simelabs offers different products as below:

    • Big Data Preparation Cloud Services.
    • Big Data Appliance.
    • Big Data Discovery Cloud Services.
    • Data Visualization Cloud Service.

    10. Wavicle Data Solutions

    Wavicle Data Solutions is a data software development company that helps businesses take advantage of the power of big data. The company started in 2014. The company has a team of experts that has developed a reputation for creating effective solutions that improve business efficiency and help companies grow.

    The Company offers various data management tools that leverage cloud-native technologies to capture, analyze, and share growing volumes of data for advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. 

    To conclude, 

    The importance of Big Data is not about how much volume of data is present rather it is focused on what you do with that data and how it increases productivity.  The above-mentioned top big data companies guarantee high-quality services and superior security of the client’s data.


    Sakshi Jain
    Sakshi Jain
    Sakshi Jain is a PhD Scholar and a dynamic Senior Sub Editor at ELE Times. With a diverse skill set honed through years of research and content creation across multiple sectors, especially in Electronics and Technology, Sakshi brings a unique perspective to the editorial team. Her continuous update on emerging technology showcases her urge to stay at the forefront of the technological market.

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