Today’s startups are multinational companies of tomorrow, says PM Modi

    Today’s startups are the multinational companies of tomorrow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday adding that the scope of startups is increasing from farming to the space sector.

    Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for the permanent campus of IIM-Sambalpur, Odisha, via video conferencing today.

    “Today’s startups are the multinational companies of tomorrow. Most startups are coming up in tier II and III cities of the country. From the farming sector to space sector, the scope for startups is increasing,” said PM Modi on the occasion.

    The permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur will represent the great heritage of Odisha, the Prime Minister stated.

    “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, India has witnessed more number of unicorns in 2020. The youth have a huge responsibility towards Brand India,” he added.

    “Till 2014, there were 13 IIMs in India. Today, there are 20 IIMs. Such a large talent pool can help strengthen the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign,” said PM Modi.

    Present on the occasion, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said, set up in 2015, IIM Sambalpur has already proved its mettle.

    “I am delighted that the Prime Minister is laying the foundation stone for infrastructural development of IIM Sambalpur. In just about five years it (IIM Sambalpur) has been able to cast its positive impact upon the hierarchy of educational institutions in Odisha,” said Patnaik.

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