The STM32 Step-by-Step guide will make an expert ST Developer out of you

    STM32 Step-by-Step is the first initiative focusing on making our STM32 development platforms and microcontrollers (MCUs) accessible to all enthusiasts and professionals by offering a step-by-step beginner’s guide. This five-part tutorial walks users through the installation of the essential tools developers need to program their STM32 embedded systems, such as STM32CubeMX, and the TrueStudio IDE, to name a few. Using a NUCLEO-L476RG or an STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node (B-L475E-IOT01A) as examples, it will teach readers how to set up their MCU, launch a blinking light application, then present critical concepts such as UART, sensors, and mobile apps using Bluetooth. Hence, the knowledge and experience that users gain go far beyond a cursory introduction as it leaves them with the tools they need to start their personal and complex projects…

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