Test and Diagnostics Operating System JEDOS now available for i.MX6 Processors from NXP

The Embedded Test and Diagnostics Operating System JEDOS is now available for processors of the i.MX6 family from NXP. With this, functional circuit tests can be performed in real time using the native processor. The use of special test software or firmware is completely omitted.

JEDOS contains test and programming procedures for the i.MX6 family for test and calibration of DDR devices, test of high-speed interfaces (PCIe) and the loading of flash devices via external media or communication interfaces.

imx6The i.MX6 processors are based on the ARM® Cortex™ A9 architecture. With up to four cores, they have been specially developed for entertainment, industrial and automotive applications. The main focus of the functionality is a combination of the latest 3D / 2D HD graphics technology with efficient energy management.

 JEDOS provides maximum fault coverage and comprehensive diagnostics for digital, analog and mixed-signal components and is usable in the lab for design validation of prototypes as well as in manufacturing and repair. The JEDOS technology is fully integrated into GOEPEL’s software platform SYSTEM CASCON™, enabling effortless combination with Boundary Scan, Embedded Instruments and other non-invasive technologies on a single platform. The list of supported processors is constantly growing through continuous development of new JEDOS IP.

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