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    Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches 25K-Milestone

    Elon Musk-owned Tesla’s Supercharger network has now reached a total of 25,000 chargers a big milestone for the fast-charging network.

    At the end of 2020, Tesla had over 20,000 charging stalls at over 2,100 Supercharging stations around the world.

    Now just a few months later, Tesla announced that the automaker has now 25,000 Superchargers around the world, Electrek reported.

    Those 25,000 Supercharger stalls are at just over 2,700 Supercharger stations.

    Tesla launched a new Twitter account called ‘Tesla Charging’ that shares every new charging station coming online.

    According to the account, Tesla opened 8 new charging stations over the last week alone. The automaker is planning many more stations this year.

    When Tesla brought the Model S to market, fast-charging stations were non-existent and the automaker decided to develop its network to control the charging experience, the report said.

    The automaker quickly realised how difficult it is to build charging stations due to coordinating with property owners, contractors, and the local electric utility, it added.

    It resulted in some delays in the deployment of the network, but things have been ramping up since the launch of the V3 version of the Supercharger, which comes with higher power output.

    The Supercharger network is the only global network of fast-charging stations.

    In January, Tesla released a new map of upcoming Supercharging stations with timelines for new stations across the world.

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