Tektronix offers ‘basic’ 100MHz scope with 9in display

Tektronix TBS2000 seriesTBS2000, the series includes options for 70 or 100MHz bandwidth, and two or four channels.“Building on the TDS2000 Series, the new instrument includes a comprehensive set of automatic waveform measurements that are coupled with graphical explanations to help engineers better understand their measurements,” said product director Jeff Yost.

The screen is wide, with 15 divisions across it instead of the usual 10. A single-knob pan and zoom control provides navigation.

The firm’s VPI active probe interface is included – the furthest Tek has pushed VPI down its range.

Context-sensitive configurable help provides on-screen tips.

“Wi-Fi dongle support enables wireless connectivity so educators can easily set up electronics engineering labs or engineers can take advantage of the instrument’s LXI-compliant interface to control the oscilloscope remotely,” said the firm.

As well as education, design engineers are expected to use the scope for prototyping, debug, and to validate designs.

Prices start at €1,140/£855. For more information go totek.com/TBS2000.