Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion: Gaining clean energy without toxic byproduct

An MIT experiment with a new nuclear fusion fuel, producing 10 times as much energy from energised ions as previously achieved, takes us another...
3D Rapid Prototyping

A Brief to 3D Rapid Prototyping

According to Wikipedia, “Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer...

MIMO system promising a seamless connectivity

According to studies made so far in coming years, people will have more number of mobile phones than automotive. People want seamless connection like...
Automotive Security

Automotive Security is Available Today- Security, Architecture, Issues and Challenges

The automotive industry has a substantial challenge on their hands. Car makers are putting more and more electronics into our automobiles, and at the...

Quantum Begins Shipping Xcellis Workflow Storage With Veritone aiWARE Artificial Intelligence Platform

Quantum Corp. on September 6,  announced aiWARE for Xcellis , an on-premise and cloud version of the artificial intelligence (AI) platform from Veritone ....
V Bike

V Bike – This Technology will Change the Fitness Game

Technology indeed has made our life easier but at the same time lazier too. The new V Bike connects bike to a computer and detects...
A smartphone app

A smartphone app that will save you from fake product

A technology has been developed by researchers that could identify fake products by just a simple scan with a smartphone app. Whether a luxury...
Dr. Watson IBM

Dr. Watson is Here. IBM’s New AI to Make Hospitals Smarter

IBM Watson is probably the most advance AI today. It is named after the first ever CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson. Watson had...
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