Su-Kam launches lithium ion battery based ‘LED Inverter Bulb’

    Su-Kam launches Lithium Ion Battery based ‘LED Inverter Bulb’

    • Can run without power for up to 4 hours
    • One of the most advanced Emergency Bulb in the Indian market

    Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., India’s leading power back up solutions provider announced the launch of ‘LED Inverter Bulb’- one of the most advanced Emergency Bulb in the Indian market. It is powered by an inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery and is much cooler than conventional lights thus reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers.

    LED Emergency Bulb is fitted with Lithium Ion Battery to keep the Bulb glowing even when the Main (Grid) Electric Supply fails. When the LED is connected to electric supply the LED glows and internal battery is charged through electric supply. In case of Main (Grid) Electric Supply failure the Bulb will still glow powered by the internal battery giving a back-up of up to 4 hours under fully charged battery condition.

    Speaking on the occasion Mr Sanjeev Saini: Director-Technical said, “Su-Kam has been instrumental in strengthening and upgrading the inverter and UPS industry in India. We are constantly evaluating range of solar as well as inverter products for diverse requirements of customer’s. The LED Inverter Bulb’ is an ideal solution designed to meet the lighting requirements of a household.”

    “We, as a company, have developed affordable products and are bullish in spreading awareness about the use and ease of solar solutions,” he added.

    Few features that make LED Inverter Bulb most innovative emergency bulb in India:

    • Generator and Inverter Compatible
    • Power Backup up to 4 hours
    • Charging from the Main(Grid) Electric Supply
    • Charging time 5-10 hours
    • Operating Voltage Range 100 – 270 V
    • Eco Friendly with No Mercury Content and No Carbon Emission
    • High Energy Saving as compared to CFL and Incandescent Bulb
    • Bright and True Colours having CRI>80
    • No Glare or Flickering Effect
    • Instant ON and OFF Operation

    Su-Kam’s everlasting spirit and drive to bring about continuous innovations in technology and quality products has paved the path for changing the face of the power back up and the solar industry. With focus on innovation Su-Kam is now gearing to bring a big impact on the outdoor lighting segment.

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