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    STMicroelectronics portrays more flexible, dual core MCU at electronica India 2019

    With a grandstand portrayal of AI/ML future with integration of IoT chips, STMicroelectronics disclosed its Dual-center STM32H7 MCUs, during the 2019 editions of electronica India. Combining dual core punch with power saving features and improved cyber protection, the new devices influence a 480MHz version of the Cortex-M7, which is till now the most elevated performing member from Arm’s Cortex-M family, and add a 240MHz Cortex-M4 core.

    STMicroelectronics portrayed its latest cutting-edge technologies for automotive, industrial and IoT applications. Visitors crowding at ST’s booth got the chance to have a glimpse of ST’s products and solutions for Electric Vehicle charging, Battery Management Systems, and Smart Agriculture. ST Booth included 40+ cutting-edge live products & technologies on display includes:

    • Smart driving applications                                 
    • Smart industry solutions
    • IOT                                                     
    • End-user products and solutions with ST-embedded technology

    Among the all, the STMicrolectronics’ Dual-core STM32H7 MCUs was the center-stage. What’s unique about ST’s new Dual-core STM32H7 MCUs:

    • Most powerful and accessible MCU & first dual-core product lines expanding the STM32 portfolio.
    • Developers can easily upgrade existing applications through flexible use of the two cores. They can add a sophisticated user interface to an application such as a motor drive formerly hosted on a single-core Cortex-M4 MCU by migrating legacy code to the STM32H7 Cortex-M4 with the new GUI running on the Cortex-M7.
    • Another example is to boost application performance by offloading intensive workloads such as neural networks, checksums, DSP filtering, or audio codecs.
    • STM32H7 MCUs come with pre-installed keys and native secure services including Secure Firmware Install (SFI). SFI lets customers order standard products anywhere in the world and have the encrypted firmware delivered to an external programming company without exposing unencrypted code.
    • The dual-core architecture also helps simplify code development and accelerate time to market in projects where user-interface code may be developed separately from real-time control or communication features.
    • Additional advanced features include Error Code Correction (ECC) for all Flash and RAM memory to increase safety, multiple advanced 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), external ambient-temperature range up to 125°C allowing use in severe environments, an Ethernet controller and multiple FD-CAN controllers giving communication-gateway capabilities, and ST’s latest high-resolution timer for generating precision waveforms.
    • Compared to Flashless processors, STM32H7 MCUs deliver high performance with the extra advantage of up to 2MByte Flash and 1Mbyte SRAM on-chip to better handle space constraints and simplify the design of smart objects in industrial, consumer, and medical applications with real-time performance or AI-processing requirements. Moreover, the Cortex-M7 level 1 cache and parallel and serial memory interfaces offer unlimited and fast access to external memory.

    Commenting on the STM32H7, Vinay Thapliyal, Technical Marketing Manager- MCD, India said, “STM32H7 is the industry’s highest-performance Arm Cortex-M general purpose MCU combing dual-core with power-saving features and enhanced cyber protection. And, we will continue to introduce most innovative portfolios catering to different customer needs in the MCU ecosystem.”

    Other key attractions from the ST’s booth included:

    • An Automotive section of the stand ST highlighted EV charging system portfolio, including solutions for Battery Management Systems, Onboard Battery Chargers (OBC), and a complete range of power and control devices for electric vehicles; NFC readers for Automotive applications; and technology to address the India Automotive Industry Standard 140 Intelligent Transportation System requirements. ST will also showcase reference designs targeting e-bike and e-rickshaw motor drives designed specifically for the Indian market and a fast charger module.
    • In the Industrial section, visitors had a glimpse of ST’s solutions for Mesh over BLE on real lighting devices; ISO15693 NFC forum type 5 certified dynamic tags with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs; ST’s latest digital configurable ASIC that can drive three channels as interleaved PFC for industrial applications. In addition, ST will feature a Wireless Industrial Node and Smart Agriculture Qi-Charger solution integrated with NFC, STSAFE protection, and PoE-based Lighting.
    • The IOT /AI display highlighted ST’s wide portfolio of STM32 microcontrollers, with an emphasis on ultra-low-power-budget applications, a multiprotocol ultra-low-power 2.4GHz radio transceiver, and the new platform for plug-and-play IoT sensing. The stand will also feature several Artificial Intelligence IoT reference designs.

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