Soon Experience More Speed, Compactness and Powerful Electronic Devices


The semiconductor material is a backbone of electronics industry, it not only changes the properties but effects overall cost of the product. A good news for the researcher who always looks for the perfect material to start a new innovation and manufacturer whose main concern is to catch up with cost and product.

Nano scale thin, new material soon will be in the market with highest conductivity and wide band gap which are jointly rare to achieve. The new material as according to researchers of university of Minnesota in US, will be used as the optically transparent conducting film which is different from its counterpart as others include a chemical named indium. Researchers have developed this new material by using a novel synthesis method, in which they have replaced tin source with chemical precursor of tin and grew BaSnO3 thin film. The key area of this new material will include devices which function by the passage of light like touchscreen, solar cell, electronics display, and high power electronics.  Researchers are excited to see their innovation turn into reality with using tin chemical precursor very first time.