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    Solderstar Presents the New SLX Data Logger at Productronica :Hall A4, Stand 238

    The innovative SLX data logger was designed in such a way that it can be used immediately and without pre-setting. In this way, the data acquisition process can be started quickly and easily. As a leading supplier of temperature profile measuring devices for reflow, wave, vapor and selective soldering, Solderstar will present the new product at the trade fair from November 16 to 19, 2021 in Munich at booth A4.238. 

    The new Solderstar SLX is a precise, robust, ultra-compact, battery-operated data logger for measuring and recording process parameters in all soldering processes. The SLX device does not have to be set up by the user, but can be docked to the SMARTLink adapter of the measurement module from various process accessories (e.g. wave boards, selective boards, reflow etc.) and is automatically configured for data acquisition.  

    Mark Stansfield, Managing Director at Solderstar, says: “We are very pleased to be able to present the Solderstar SLX at Productronica. As the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, it is the perfect platform to showcase our most advanced system to date.”  

    In contrast to conventional data loggers, the SLX automatically detects which test adapter is connected and independently configures the information. This eliminates the need to set up the device on the computer for the test to be carried out – a real time saver!  

    The new Solderstar SLX measuring system enables faster and more accurate noise-free measurements of up to 12 temperature channels . At the same time, measurements of other process parameters such as wave, flux, etc. can be recorded. If necessary, the new SLX data logger can be expanded to 24 or 36 channels with special adapters. 

    The Solderstar SLX data logger facilitates the acquisition of profile data and enables users to quickly obtain precise parameters in order to make production-relevant decisions. With the increased storage capacity and the possibility of storing many individual measurements one after the other, the SLX data logger can be used for the next measurements after a short cooling phase without having to download the data in the meantime. Regardless of whether selective, wave or reflow ovens are to be measured afterwards, the SLX data logger automatically detects which device is connected and configures itself accordingly.  

    The logger, sensor and memory status is conveniently displayed for the user via status displays and a multi-bar diagram. The SLX is ready for use after just ten minutes of charging. With a full USB charge of two hours, it achieves an operating time of up to 15 hours. The new device is characterized by numerous improvements and real increases in performance: USB downloads 10 times faster than the previous models, 2.4 GHz telemetry options and a larger measuring range with the same accuracy of +/- 0.5 ° C.  

    The full range of SMARTLink accessories for reflow, wave, selective and vapor phase soldering is available. The SLX data logger is fully backward compatible with existing systems, making it an excellent “drop-in upgrade” for the Solderstar NEPSLU.  

    The main advantages of the Solderstar SLX include:  

    – No user setup necessary – for error-free data acquisition.  

    – Compact data logger for profiling in narrow and low applications  

    – User replaceable high temperature batteries  

    – More memory for storing several consecutive profiles  

    – Automatic checking of the temperature of thermocouples and loggers  

    – +/- 0.5C accuracy from -200 to +1300 ° Celsius  

    – Fast recording rates from 50 milliseconds per channel  

    – Ultra-fast USB download + 2.4 GHz wireless telemetry  

    – Drop-in upgrade for existing Solderstar SL systems  

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