Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences workshop by PicoQuant

The annual workshop held by PicoQuant enables scientists to report on and share recent developments in single molecule detection

The 23. international workshop on “single molecule spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy in the life sciences” was held by PicoQuant from September 13 – 15, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Researcher from various scientific fields such as Life Sciences, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry met at this three day event to report on and share the latest developments in ultrasensitive optical detection.

The scientific program encompassed 35 presentations held by students and renowned scientists alike as well as a poster session with about 40 contributions. The talks were attended and enjoyed by over 90 scientists hailing from all over the world. A special highlight of this years excellent line-up of invited speakers was the presentation given by Nobel laureate W. E. Moerner (Standford University, USA) on “the promise and challenges of 3D super-resolution microscopy and single-molecule tracking in cells and in solution”.


The themes covered in this years workshop ranged from using adaptive optics for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) to recent developments in SPAD arrays for ultrasensitive optical detection and in quantitative microscopy, e.g., to determine of labeling for various techniques. Opportunities for networking and fruitful idea exchanges were provided at informal gatherings during breaks as well as at the welcoming reception and conference dinner.

Student Award

This year’s Student Award with a value of 750 Euro went to Klaus Yserentant (University of Heidelberg, Germany) for his presentation on “measuring the absolute degree of labeling for protein tag-based labeling in quantitative fluorescence microscopy”. We would like to thank all participating students for presenting such excellent talks.

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