Scientifica added to the LSM Upgrade Kit Family of PicoQuant

PicoQuant warmly welcomes Scientifica to its family of Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) Upgrade Kits. This new Upgrade Kit is an integrated and flexible Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) solution for both HyperScope and VivoScope multiphoton microscopes from Scientifica, enabling users to simultaneously acquire fluorescence intensity and lifetime images in up to two color channels. This combination of imaging techniques allows acquiring highly quantitative information regarding molecular interactions, quantifying biosensor measurements, or determination of absolute ion concentrations, for example.

In many research areas LSMs are now a widely use and versatile tool for investigating what happens where in materials, cells, or tissues. By expanding an LSM with one of PicoQuant’s Upgrade Kits, the user gains access to a new dimension of information: the time domain. This additional data source enables many exciting applications such as the easy quantification of Förster resonance energy transfer experiments or studying environmental parameters.

The Scientifica FLIM Upgrade Kit works with all Scientifica multiphoton scan heads and supports galvo as well as resonance imaging. Thus, any existing or new HyperScope and VivoScope system can be upgraded to support FLIM. The Upgrade Kit fully supports PicoQuant’s rapidFLIM approach with peak photon rates up to 1.5 Gcounts per second, enabling the acquisition of FLIM images at up to several frames per second. Acquired FLIM data can be analyzed with the dedicated and proven SymPhoTime 64 software package from PicoQuant.

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