Schneider Electric releases Gen IV update

    Schneider Electric has announced the Push GEN IV update in its biggest release to date. The new graphic interface has been designed for maximum impact across a variety of backgrounds and devices, whilst also linking in with the sleek Schneider Electric icon designs.

    “Push Gen IV represents the most intuitive, affordable and scalable smart home control system available on the market today,” claims Ben Green, Smart Space Director at Schneider Electric. “With the growth of technology innovations and the proliferation of smart and connected devices, we understood the critical need to build a highly intuitive and integrated interface to meet market demands.”

    Consistency was a key goal of the new graphics package, to provide users with a seamless experience between phone and tablet interfaces. The GEN IV update comes complete with entire overhaul to the entire Push module library to make implementing great interfaces quick and simple.

    In addition to the updates for all modules to support the GEN IV theme, Push has rolled in other updates to the following modules:

    • Bluesound 1.1 – added support for new BluOS 2.6 firmware
    • Heos 1.0 – new fully integrated module
    • Plex 1.2 – added instructions on handling configuration for new default forced authentication on Plex web servers

    Also included in this update is the regeneration of all existing AV receiver modules to support multiple instances, pre-programmed drag and drop volume GUI components, and auto polling of volume and mute statuses on page load. The list of AV receiver modules that have been updated, including Anthem MRX, Denon AVR, Integra, Onkyo, Marantz, Niles, Pioneer, Russound, Yamaha.

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