Exotel powers Sulekha’s Customer Communication Network

    Sulekha is the leader in the 200 billion dollar services market in India. They connect users with local service providers both online and on their mobile platform. Sulekha has adopted Exotel’s User Virtual Number (UVN) technology to safeguard their customers’ privacy and to bring better experience to their customers.

    One of the biggest problems their customers faced was persistent calls from certain service partners, even after their requirement was fulfilled. The deployment of Exotel’s unique technology enabled them to mask the user’s real phone and communicate using a dynamic virtual number. This way, even if a service provider tries to reach the user after the user has requested Sulekha to stop calls, the Service partner will get a ‘regret’ message which ultimately protects customer privacy.

    User Virtual Number (UVN) technology also prevents the service partner from storing and circulating the customer’s contact number.

    In addition to safeguarding customer privacy, UVN allows Sulekha to track advanced analytics about connect rates, response rates and talk-time to understand if the customer’s service request is fulfilled or not.

    Speaking about the development, Satya Prabhakar, Founder and CEO, Sulekha said, “Exotel’s Virtual Number (UVN) technology helped us to assign dynamic virtual phone numbers for all user-service partner combinations. We can now keep a track of the connect rates and response rates between service partners and the user and ensure a better experience to both the parties.”

    Shivku, Co-founder and CEO, Exotel said, “One of the biggest problems that Sulekha faced was the lack of control on the conversations that happened between the user and the service partner over the phone. Exotel’s User virtual number (UVN) technology gives them more control and helps them understand the customer’s experience better.”

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