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    Schneider Electric India unveils Conext SmartGen

    Schneider Electric India, the global specialist in energy management and automation and a global leader in solar and energy storage solutions – today unveiled the Conext SmartGen, a 1500-volt utility scale power conversion system, at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2016, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, National Capital Region. The new paradigm for large-scale renewable power installations, SmartGen provides greater efficiency in power generation with lower short-term and long-term costs, and far longer service life.

    Salient Features: Conext SmartGen

    • Greater efficiency in power generation
    • Centralized control, monitoring, analytics and predictive maintenance to optimize performance
    • Self-diagnosis capabilities: proactive warnings and fault reports through the Cloud
    • Housed in water- and dust-sealed corrosion-proof enclosure, designed to deliver up to 2MVA of power for 30 years
    • Weighted conversion efficiency of 98.4%, and low power consumption
    • SmartGen a True Design for Service™ system for faster, more efficient service and maintenance reduced to minimum; most service operations done in less than an hour

    Speaking at the launch, Anurag Garg, Vice President – Solar Business, Schneider Electric India said, “We are very proud of launching the first power conversion platform for renewable energies that leverages fully the power of cloud connectivity and analytics. Our unique predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostics features enable remote trouble shooting, avoid break fix situations and do just-in-time maintenance, hence reducing downtime and maintenance costs. We also offer superior reliability with an operating life of 30 years in the most extreme environments, which makes a big difference for Indian installations. And our complete system offering, including the SmartGen Power System, our integrated medium voltage power conversion substation, is fully made in India. With the Centre having set ambitious targets in renewable energy production by 2022, we believe Schneider Electric’s innovative offerings can contribute their experience in meeting these stiff targets and tight timelines.”

    Conext SmartGen™ records and stores its own operations and service history has self-diagnostic capabilities and can send proactive service warnings and reports to the cloud. Housed in a water- and dust-sealed corrosion-proof enclosure, it is designed to deliver up to 2MVA of power for 30 years. Its wide operation range, combined with best-in-class efficiency and unprecedented service life maximize its energy generation lifetime.

    India has set a target of installing 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022, of which 100 GW will be solar. Of this solar capacity, 40 GW will come from Rooftop and 60 GW through Large and Medium Scale Grid Connected Solar Power Projects.


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