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    Prysm Brings its Award Winning Enterprise Solution to India

    Prysm Inc  a pioneer in visual workplace solutions worldwide, announced that Prysm Enterprise, the newest offering in  Prysm’s Visual Workplace  portfolio, is now available for its Indian customers. The company is already in talks with several large Indian enterprises for testing and deployment.  The company had first showcased the solution at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando earlier this year.

    Prysm Enterprise, winner of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) award, integrates applications, content, video conferencing and the web into cloud-based visual workspaces where anyone can create, edit, share and store work, and then go back and re-access the saved workspaces later from any location via the cloud.

    Prysm Enterprise also features mobile support for web browser-based access to the Prysm Application Suite via Prysm Mobile, which enables access via any mobile device and opens up greater collaboration throughout the enterprise, be it from a large 190” auditorium video wall or a remote worker’s smartphone. Prysm Mobile permits simultaneous reviewers of content, where up to 25 users can share and edit information in real time. The full Prysm Enterprise offering includes:

    • Prysm Cloud: Application server(s), dedicated or multi-tenant option
    • Prysm Application Suite: Software that enables users to collaborate and store content in cloud-based workspaces
    • Prysm Displays: With standard sizes of 65”, 85”, 98”, 117” and 190”, as well as custom sizes to fit any size meeting room(s)
    • Prysm Mobile: Web browser access for any mobile device including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. Prysm Mobile has been available since Q2 2016
    • Services & support: One point of contact for all service and support
    • A new SaaS-based pricing model for the software

    “The nature of work is radically changing as employees are no longer confined to a desk or an office, calling into question the very definition of what constitutes a workplace. Prysm’s unique solution bridges the collaboration gap between remote and in-office employees, provide a platform that unites today’s disparate work tools to create a seamless experience, and to help our customers define their own visual workplace.” said Varadha Raju, Country Head & VP Sales and Operations, Prysm Inc.

    Prysm Visual Workplace and the new Prysm Enterprise offering is available immediately.


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