Rockman protects data and Intellectual Property Rights with Fortinet’s solutions

    Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, announced that Rockman Industries Limited, a company that manufactures Aluminium die casting components, machined & painted assemblies for the world’s leading motorcycle and automobile OEMs has chosen Fortinet’s solutions to protect their data and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from advanced threats and gain real-time visibility for automated response to security incidents.

    The company chose FortiGate next generation firewalls, FortiSandbox proactive threat detection, FortiAuthenticator access management and FortiToken one time password (OTP)  software token, to take advantage of a holistic approach to cybersecurity, advanced threat protection and automated threat response.

    With the deployed Fortinet solutions, Rockman Industries has optimized the use of its IT resources, with a streamlined view provided by security analytics and sandboxing enhancing its overall security posture. Additionally, access management with two-factor authentication ensures that only authorized people have access to business-critical systems and sensitive data.

    • Reliable, low-latency performance: FortiGate delivers superior next-generation firewall capabilities at the datacenter, while leveraging its significantly higher performance. This enable Rockman Industries to turn on multiple security technologies like intrusion prevention,and URL  filtering without compromising user and customer experience.
    • Advanced Threat Protection: FortiSandbox detects and reports successful intrusions anywhere across the network in a timely manner which is critical to maintaining the security and functionality of their network. Due to its integration into the Fortinet Security Fabric FortiSandbox can receive data from any sensor and share threat intelligence to all inline security controls to automatically apply appropriate protections across their network. This level of dynamic integration has helped Rockman Industries eliminate manual processes, shrinks response windows and reduce management burden.
    • Identity and Access Management: FortiAuthenticator provides centralized authentication services to identify users to control access to critical resources in the network. FortiToken further confirms the identity of users by adding a second factor to the authentication process through physical and mobile application based tokens. The combination of FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken offers a two-factor authentication of users connected to the network.
    • Potential to scale: Thanks to Fortinet, Rockman Industries can continue to grow its business and expand operations by easily and securely adding new manufacturing plants to its network.

    “Given the nature of today’s global threat landscape, we needed an advance threat protection solution to react to threats at machine speed. We chose Fortinet for their scalability and leading technologies that are backed by strong R&D and threat research. We configured all the devices offline and with minimum downtime managed to switch over to the new solution. With these high-performance solutions, we will be able to add our upcoming manufacturing plants into the security fabric,” said L K Tripathi, Chief General Manager – IT , Rockman Industries Limited.

    “By adopting Fortinet technologies Rockman Industries have automated tedious and time-consuming activities that normally require a high degree of human supervision and intervention. With this deployment they have demonstrated that a strong security posture can only be achieved by tightly integrating security systems into a cohesive, integrated  framework that can freely share information, perform logistical and behavioural analysis to identify attack patterns, and then incorporates that intelligence into an automated system that can respond to attacks in a coordinated fashion,” said Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet.

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