Robotics applications in orthopaedic treatment

The role of robotics has enhanced severely in the sectors of diagnosis as well as treatment, the robotic machinery and processes has equally influenced the working mechanism in daily lifestyle and has become very effective as such.

BMI Healthcare is to perform a live robotic knee surgery simulation at Arab Health 2020 on Monday 27 January. Using the NAVIO Surgical System, which is developed by British medical manufacturer Smith & Nephew, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at BMI Healthcare Matt Bartlett will perform knee replacement surgery using a handheld robotic device.

The unique system is built to provide robotic assistance through an advanced computer programme that relays precise information about a patient’s knee to a robotics-assisted hand piece used by the surgeon. By collecting patient-specific information, boundaries are established for the robotics-assisted hand piece so that the surgeon can remove the damaged surfaces of the patient’s knee, balance their joint, and position the implant with great precision.

“The NAVIO surgical system is at the cutting edge of robotics-assisted surgery,” said Bartlett. “BMI are early adopters of the pioneering technology and we are excited to demonstrate how it has been meticulously designed to help surgeons improve patient outcomes in total and partial knee arthroplasty.”

Bartlett will perform the surgery simulation on Monday 27 January at 1.45 p.m. on the ABHI stand (Hall 2, stand H2.G30). He will also be delivering a keynote presentation, titled ‘Robotics in total knee replacement’, at the 16th Orthopaedics Conference, taking place at 11.45 a.m. on Monday 27 January 2020.

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