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    RAPOO Unveils BIS certified Power Banks in India

    p20-3Introduces compact, power-packed P20, P100 and P200, to eliminate your power woes

    RAPOO, a global leader in providing cutting-edge wireless IT peripherals, introduces three Power-packed BIS Certified Power Banks in the Indian market with a staggering 5000mAh, 10,000mAh and 10,400mAh power capacity, enabling users to charge their smart devices multiple times.

    RAPOO power banks come as the ultimate solution to all the charging woes, with versatile features owing to its compatible hardware platform. If your smart devices yearn for power backup frequently, then RAPOO power banks come as the perfect solution to eliminate your anxieties related to power backup.

    The RAPOOP200 Power Banks come with dual USB ports, oozing 1.0A and 2.4A. Power output. This unique configuration makes them compatible for the charging requirements of almost all kinds of portable devices. The dual USB output also enables multiple devices to be charged in one go.

    RAPOO power banks are BIS certified and are packed with award-winning features like Short Circuit Protection, Over-charge Protection, Over Discharge Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over current protection etc. These devices are emulated and designed in such a way so as to make them light weight and handy which is essential for users who are frequently on the run and can’t afford to carry a big bulky power bank on the go.

    Speaking on the launch, Mr Mukesh Chaudhary, Country Head-India & SAARC, RAPOO said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our BIS certified Power Banks in the Indian market this festive season to compliment the celebration of masses. These devices come as unique gadgets and can perfectly fit into the gifting Ideas, being extremely handy.’’

    Salient Features:

    • Easy to carry
    • Attractive design
    • Dual USB output port
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Over-Charge Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Over-Current Protection
    • Over Discharge Protection
    • LED battery status indicator
    • Light weight sleek plastic body

    Product Specifications:

    Model P 20 P 100 P 200
    Battery Type  Lithium Polymer Lithium Cell  Lithium Polymer
    Power Source DC 5V DC 5V DC 5V
    Charging Hours 3 Hrs. 6 Hrs. 6 Hrs.
    Output 1 USB 5V-1.0A USB 5V-2.1 A USB 5V-1.0A
    Output 2 NA NA USB 5V-2.4 A
    Rated Capacity 5,000 mAh 10, 400 mAh 10, 000 mAh
    LED Indicator Yes Yes Yes
    Weight 115gms 227gms 240gms
    Colour White/Blue/Red/Green White/Black/Green White/Blue/Red/Green

    Pricing & Availability:

    RAPOO BIS certified Power Banks P20, P100 and P200 come at an attractive price-point of INR 1,999/-, 2,499/- & 2,999/- respectively. They are available on both online and offline retail stores across India and pack in a 1 Year limited replacement warranty. For additional information please visit,

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