Qorvo QPA1724 Ku/K-Band GaN Power Amp Optimized for Military and Commercial SATCOM

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking the QPA1724 Ku/K-Band gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier (PA) from Qorvo. Delivering twice the power of similar PAs, and offering excellent wideband linear power, gain and power added efficiency, the QPA1724 is a market leader in RF performance for both commercial and defense markets.

    The Qorvo QPA1724, available from Mouser Electronics, is a high-power MIMIC amplifier targeted for the 17.3 to 21.2 GHz SATCOM (Ku-K) band. The QPA1724 delivers a saturated output power of 20 W (~43 dBm) with a small signal gain of 25 dB and power-added efficiency (PAE) of 27%. Fabricated using Qorvo’s production 0.15 μm GaN-on-SiC process (QGaN15), the device includes on-chip blocking capacitors following the DC grounds on the input and output ports. The QPA1724 PA is also fully matched to 50 ohms with DC grounded I/O ports for peak ESD performance to simplify system integration.

    Ideally suited for commercial and military radar and satellite communication (SATCOM) applications, including low-earth-orbit constellations and wide bandwidth, multi-carrier high-data throughput solutions, the QPA1724 is available in a 7.5 mm × 6.0 mm × 1.6 mm QFN package and 100% DC and RF tested to ensure compliance with electrical specifications. For evaluation and development, the QPA1724EVB evaluation board is available to order from Mouser.

    To learn more about the QPA1724 amplifier, visit

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