Qi wireless power transmitter chip

Qi wireless power transmitter chipThe NXQ1TXH5 single-chip 5-V Qi wireless transmitter from NXP, and available from Mouser Electronics, is a fully integrated controller and driver IC that enables engineers design a WPC 1.2 Qi-compliant low-power wireless charger with Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

The NXQ1TXH5 includes a 5-V full-bridge power stage and integrates all the functions required to control power transfer with a Qi-compliant receiver. It delivers up to 8 W continuous power into a Qi-compliant type A5, A11, A12, or A16 transmitter coil, and requires minimal external components, reducing application costs and enabling a simple PCB design for wireless power chargers and transmitters.

The IC uses dedicated analogue ping circuitry to detect devices, achieving an extremely low standby power consumption of 10 mW. The NXQ1TXH5 provides reliable, dual-channel amplitude shift keying (ASK) communication and controls the wireless power transfer from the transmitter to the receiver, while monitoring for fault conditions such as overheating or interference by metal objects. The device is optimized to operate from a USB power supply and uses Smart Power Limiting (SPL) to adjust the output power automatically to compensate for power-limited supplies. Static Power Reduction (SPR) allows multiple NXQ1TXH5-based transmitters to operate from a single USB power supply by limiting power consumption per device.

The device is available in a 32-pin, 5 × 5 mm HVQFN package with low electromagnetic interference (EMI) radiation, and is supported by theNXQ1TXH5DB1401 demonstration board (pictured) with an onboard NXQ1TXH5 charger IC and A11 Qi transmitter coil.

For more information visit: www.mouser.com


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