PROPHESEE Joins IRT Nanoelec 3D Integration Program

    PROPHESEE, the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, joins the IRT Nanoelec consortium to help broaden the field of potential applications for 3D hybrid wafer-to-wafer bonding with fine interconnect pitches.

    3D integration brings, under a single roof, expertise and equipment addressing the entire 3D integration value chain: technology, circuit architecture, EDA tools, packaging and test. STMicroelectronics (IDM), Mentor (EDA), a Siemens business, EVG and SET (equipment suppliers), and CEA-Leti (RTO) are the current members of the consortium. Among other successes, they have developed the first 3D stack imager at a 1.44µm pitch using wafer-to-wafer direct hybrid technology.

    Séverine Chéramy, director of IRT Nanoelec’s 3D integration program, said the objective is to demonstrate the value of wafer-to-wafer technologies, using fine-pitch, direct hybrid bonding, for a new use case.

    “I’m particularly proud to welcome PROPHESEE, a French SME, to the program. This is a real success of IRT Nanoelec’s previous work, and the first goal of our programs: to develop technologies for new uses and new applications, and to provide them with added value to our industrial partners,” Chéramy said. “PROPHESEE will also bring to the consortium some additional challenges for automotive or Internet of Things applications. I’m convinced of all the potential of this collaboration. I wish it fully fruitful in very near future!”

    Jean-Luc Jaffard, vice president sensor engineering and operations of PROPHESEE, said, “We are very enthusiastic to join IRT Nanoelec’s 3D integration consortium, which is comprised of key industry leaders, and gain access to so many advanced technologies. This new partnership will be very valuable to further expanding Prophesee’s product offering in coming years.”

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