Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics

Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics features Aerotech’s latest precision mechanics, state-of-the-art controls, customized motion subsystems, and intuitive software for fiber-optic alignment, bonding and laser welding, pick-and-place assembly, waveguide and fiber Bragg grating manufacture, and more. Products include the FiberMaxHP three-to-six axis fiber alignment platform and Q Series piezo nanopositioners, alignment optimization and first-light algorithms, as well as additional components and systems for fiber alignment, Bragg grating and waveguide forming, pick-and-place, device assembly, die and lens bonding, laser welding, and device packaging motion systems.

For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at In addition, more information is available at:

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