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    Anritsu extends Signal Analyzer MS2840A Series

    Signal AnalyzersUpdated Frequency Models, Extended Low Phase Noise Options, and Narrower Bandwidth Measurements

    Anritsu Corporation has extended its Signal Analyzer MS2840A product line by adding three new frequency models (3.6 GHz, 6 GHz, and 26.5 GHz) to its current 44.5-GHz model supporting excellent narrowband measurement performance in a middle-range signal analyzer/spectrum analyzer platform. With a dedicated low phase noise option, the 3.6-GHz and 6-GHz models have excellent close-in SSB phase noise performance that exceeds the performance of other makers’ expensive high-end models, as well as new option functions like the built-in signal generator offered by the previous MS2830A series.

    This SSB phase noise performance upgrade has sufficient margin for evaluating spurious and phase noise of oscillators in wired and wireless equipment, which could only be evaluated previously using large and expensive dedicated phase noise measuring instruments and spectrum analyzers. Additionally, installing options such as the signal generator enables easy all-in-one MS2840A wireless TRx evaluations.

    Development Background

    Most recently released signal analyzer/spectrum analyzer models have the wideband performance required to support increasingly common LTE and W-LAN measurements.On the other hand, users developing and manufacturing oscillators for different wireless equipment, such as narrowband wireless, wireless backhaul, radar, etc., really need a spectrum analyzer with good narrowband measurement performance, but although there are many commercial spectrum analyzers supporting LTE, none have the required performance. As a consequence, either old legacy models purchased 10 or 20 years ago are still being used, or users must buy very expensive high-end models.

    To meet the increasing demand for a low-cost platform with better performance than other high-end models, Anritsu has pushed development of new functions for its middle-range Signal Analyzer MS2840A, emphasizing narrowband measurement performance by targeting more frequency options, an order-of-magnitude better SSB phase noise performance, built-in signal generator, etc., supporting a versatile measurement platform.

    Product Outline

    The Signal Analyzer MS2840A is a spectrum analyzer for developing and manufacturing wireless equipment and devices.

    The series has four models with measurement frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz, 6 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 44.5 GHz as the basic spectrum analyzer function. Connecting either the 26.5-GHz or 44.5-GHz model to the High Performance Waveguide Mixer (50 GHz to 90 GHz) or an external mixer (≤325 GHz) expands the measurement frequency range easily by making good use of the inherent excellent sensitivity and dynamic range.

    The standard carrier close-in SSB phase noise performance of –123 dBc/Hz at a measurement frequency of 1 GHz and an offset frequency of 10 kHz is on par with other high-end models.* Additionally, dedicated options for the 3.6-GHzand 6-GHz models greatly enhance their performance to exceed that of other makers’ models (–133 dBc/Hz at measurement frequency of 500 MHz and offset frequency of 10 kHz).

    The standard built-in signal analyzer functions support versatile measurements, including instantaneous spectrum observation, Frequency vs Time, Phase Variation vs Time, Spectrogram displays, etc.

    Furthermore, both digital and analog wireless modulation signals can be evaluated by installing vector modulation signal analysis software, analog measurement software, amplifier noise figure (NF) measurement functions, etc. Installing the signal generator option in the 3.6-GHzand 6-GHz models supports output of both digital and analog modulation signals to configure an all-in-one MS2840A platform for evaluating wireless TRx signals.

    *Anritsu survey at June 1

    Key Performance

    ■ Better close-in SSB phase noise performance than high-end models

    Measurement of narrowband wireless, wireless backhaul, radar, oscillators in wireless equipment, etc., requires a spectrum analyzer with excellent SSB phase noise performance over a wide unrestricted frequency range. In particular, installing dedicated options in the the 3.6-GHzand 6-GHz models offers better close-in SSB phase noise performance than other high-end models.

    ■Support for millimeter-waveband transmitter and antenna measurements

    Connecting the High Performance Waveguide Mixer (50 GHz to 90 GHz) for millimeter-waveband measurement to either the 26.5-GHz or 44.5-GHz model not only supports wide-dynamic-range measurements but also eliminates image-response effects when measuring wideband signals to implement efficient measurement for millimeter-wave wideband wireless equipment, such as wireless backhaul, automobile radar, WiGig, etc., as well as evaluation of side-lobe characteristics of millimeter-wave radar antennas requiring high sensitivity.


    The MS2840A platform has built-in functions as standard for efficient measurement of Tx characteristics, including spurious, adjacent channel leakage power, spectrum mask, frequency count, etc. The built-in signal analyzer functions support Power vs Time, Frequency vs Time, Phase vs Time, and Spectrogram measurements. The standard measurement functions can be extended by installing vector modulation analysis software, analog measurement software, Noise Figure (NF) measurement functions, etc. A signal generator can be installed in the 3.6-GHz and 6-GHz models to output the digital and analog modulation signals required for evaluating wireless TRx signals using a single MS2840A set. The installed Microsoft Windows7 (64 bit) OS runs on a fast Core-i5* CPU with 8 GB of memory and SSD storage for responsive operation.

    *Microsoft, Windows, and Windows 7 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries.
    *Core-i5 is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the USA and other countries.

    Target Markets and Applications

    Target Markets: Wireless equipment and electronic parts manufacturers

    Applications:     R&D and manufacturing for Private Mobile Radio (PMR), wireless backhaul, radar, satellite communications, automobile electronics, oscillators in wireless equipment, etc.


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