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    PM Modi Pitches for Deepening Ties with Sweden in Tech, Research Sectors

    India and Sweden can deepen their partnership in several sectors, including smart cities, e-mobility, smart grids and waste management, as also on key priority areas like the important issue of climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

    In his opening remarks at a virtual summit with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Modi said, “We can further our relationship in innovation, technology, investment, start-ups and research.”

    The prime minister said shared values such as democracy, human rights, rule of law, equality, freedom and justice strengthen the relations and mutual cooperation between India and Sweden.

    “Smart cities, water treatment, waste management, circular economy, smart grids, e-mobility, digital transformation and several other sectors have potential where we can deepen our partnership,” he added.

    The prime minister also expressed solidarity with the people of Sweden on behalf of all Indian citizens for the recent violent attacks in Sweden and wished for a speedy recovery of those injured.

    He also expressed condolences for the loss of lives in Sweden due to COVID-19.

    Modi further said the important issue of climate change is a priority for both the countries and the two can work together on this.

    “India’s culture has always stressed the importance of living in harmony with nature. we are moving ahead on our commitments made under the Paris Agreement.

    “We will not just achieve these targets, but even exceed them. Amongst G20 countries, India has progressed well on its targets.

    In the last five years, our renewable power capacity has increased by 162 per cent,” he said.

    Modi said India provided medicines and other essential items to more than 150 countries while the world was fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Till now, we have delivered Made-in-India vaccine to nearly 50 countries across the globe and in the next few days, we are committed to delivering it to several more,” he added.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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