Plessey’s Micro LED Displays Receives a CES 2019 Innovation Award

Plessey announced that it has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Embedded Technologies category with its monolithic Micro LED displays.

Plessey’s Micro LED display is based on monolithic GaN-on-Silicon Micro LEDs, which, according to Plessey, deliver seven times greater light output and five times better contrast compared with incumbent technologies. Plessey has been working with Vuzix to develop AR smart glasses applying its Micro LED technology.

Mike Lee, President of Corporate and Business Development at Plessey, said, “As the only provider of GaN-on-Silicon monolithic Micro LEDs, Plessey is about to disrupt the displays market with a technology that delivers a tangibly better consumer experience. At the same time, our products enable much smaller and less power-hungry devices to be produced. This is going to be as big a change as when LCDs replaced cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in Personal Computer displays.”

Apart from AR and VR applications, Plessey’s monolithic Micro LED technology could also be applied in head-up displays (HUDs), providing necessary size and luminance. The company is going to demonstrate its Micro LED technology at CES 2019 in Las Vegas during January 8th – 11th.