PEL-3031E Programmable D.C. Electronic Load


GW Instek launches the PEL-3032E programmable single-channel electronic load, which inherited from the PEL-3000E series. With the current sink capability of 300W (2.5V~500V/15A), the PEL-3032E features an easy-to-read LCD panel, user-friendly interface and high-speed and accurate measurement capability suitable for electronic components, batteries, portable chargers and power products that require low to medium power consumption.

The PEL-3032E provides Static, Dynamic and Sequence functions to meet various complexities of current sink requirements; the Count Time function helps users obtain the duration of current sink and estimate the power capacity; the Cut off Time function is to terminate current sink based on users’ requirements; the built-in BATT Test Automation function for battery discharge applications provides users with more flexible discharge stop settings as well as rise and fall slew rate; the OCP and OPP test Automation functions for DUT (ex. Power Supply) provide users with high resolution measurement values to verify whether the DUT’s activation point meets regulations. Furthermore, the PEL-3032E provides users with analog control terminal to operate the PEL-3032E from external voltage, external resistance or switches. The Analog control terminal can also monitor the electronic load’s status and display protective alarms.

The PEL-3032E offers CC, CV, CR, CP modes, which perform as outstanding as that of the high end of electronic loads.  It’s worth mentioning that the CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV modes of the PEL-3032E feature uninterrupted current sink capacity. In general, the current sink of an electronic load will be discontinuous once CC is switched to CV mode. Utilizing the CC+CV mode of the PEL-3032E enables a continuous current sink without any interruption when CC is switched to CV, thus, precise load simulation can be achieved. Generally, DC loads conduct high-speed current sink operation and the inductance effect on the cable connecting to the electronic load will lead to transient voltage drop on the electronic load’s input terminals. Therefore, the Soft Start functionof the PEL-3032E not only counters the output voltage fluctuation caused by the inductance effect, but also prevents the inrush current and surge voltage from happening on the DUT.

The PEL-3032E provides powerful functions that are suitable for the measurement applications of various products, including chargers, adapters, various kinds of power units, and portable chargers that require the load capacity of greater than 60mA and less than 300 watts. With a high performance to price ratio, the PEL-3032E series will definitely draw a lot of attention from the market.


  • Product’s output characteristics assessment for power supplies
  • Battery discharge tests
  • Quality verification and susceptibility tests for electronic components such as power switch, relay, connector, and fuse, etc.
  • High voltage solar panel

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